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  • Contribute to Climate Change knowledge transference and dissemination to the scientific community and society in general, is one of the main strategic objectives of BC3.

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Training Caravan (Ikertzaileak gelan)



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The Education Department of the Basque Government and BC3 have joined forces to carry out the Training Caravan (Ikertzaileak gelan) initiative. This initiative is part of BC3's Institutional Social Responsibility programme and it is the result of the strong commitment BC3 hast with its immediate environment.


The two institutions gathered together to carry out the Training Caravan (Ikertzaileak gelan) initiative. The objective of this initiative is to foster the vocation for research among Basque students and to inform about the climate change research efforts carried out by BC3 Knowledge body.


The initiative promotes scientific careers among the students, and to do this, a selection of experienced and international renowned researchers that work in research in the Basque Country, explain in different schools of the Basque Country the main features of the scientific career to bring this profession closer to the pupils. The goal of the initiative is not to show their research line in depth but to transmit the reasons to choose this career choice, with the end purpose of making the scientific career a solid option for Basque students.

BC3 researchers gave 52 speeches to over 3.100 students in the Basque Country within the Training Caravan initiative.

The  main objectives of the programme are to:

- Bring the research experience closer to teenagers
- Explain the scientific aptitudes
- Demolish misconceptions about science
- Encourage links between researchers and students

In 2016 a group of BC3 researchers will be introducing their research experience and professional path into different schools.

Follow the initiative at: https://www.facebook.com/trainingcaravan    

Registration form: www.bc3research.org/trainingcaravan/reg2015 (Registration deadline: 17th of January 2016)


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Training Caravan 


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