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Former BC3 employees

  • Ramon Arigoni Ortiz
    Ramon Arigoni Ortiz
    Main Research Field: Economics of climate change.
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  • Alex Azcargorta
    Alex Azcargorta
    Main Research Field: health and environment.
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  • Bettina Cooper
    Bettina Cooper
    Main Research Field: Economic Analysis of Adaptation Strategies in Developing Countries.
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  • Kishore Dhavala
    Kishore Dhavala
    Main Research Field: carbon agreements and contracts, carbon finance, applied econometrics and economics of crime.
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  • Roger Fouquet
    Roger Fouquet
    Main Research Field: Long-term relationships between economic development, technological change, energy consumption and climate change.
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  • Patricia Gallejones
    Patricia Gallejones
    Main Research Field: Study the potential role of typical energy cropping systems as net GHG mitigation tools..
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  • Eneko Garmendia
    Eneko Garmendia
    Main Research Field: Integrated assessment of complex socio-ecological systems.
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  • Maialen Garmendia
    Maialen Garmendia
    Main Research Field: Pressures and environmental impacts assessment on marine ecosystems / Policy-oriented environmental research .
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  • David Heres del Valle
    David Heres del Valle
    Main Research Field: Comparison of alternative policies to mitigate GHG emissions within the transportation sector; economic analysis of land use and deforestation; and evaluation of environmental policies through experimental methods.
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  • Melanie Heugues
    Melanie Heugues
    Main Research Field: International cooperation on climate change, Incentives to participate in an agreement, Strategic interactions, Non cooperative game theory.
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  • Kaysara Khatun
    Kaysara Khatun
    Main Research Field: Forestry, Biodiversity, Climate Mitigation and Adaptation.
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  • Josu Lucas
    Josu Lucas
    Main Research Field: Public Policies Evaluation.
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  • Julia Martin-Ortega
    Julia Martin-Ortega
    Main Research Field: Environmental economics: socio-economic drivers and impacts of environmental damage and climate change.
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  • Pablo Martinez
    Pablo Martinez
    Main Research Field: Identification and assessment of adaptation measures with co-benefits in ecosystems and human health.
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  • Estelle Midler
    Estelle Midler
    Main Research Field: biodiversity economics, payment for ecosystem services, public economics, games and experiments.
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  • Niggol Seo
    Niggol Seo
    Main Research Field: Measuring the Impact of Climate Change and Quantifying Adaptation Behaviors in Africa, South America, and Asia..
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  • Elena Ojea
    Elena Ojea
    Main Research Field: the economics of biodiversity and ecosystem services.
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  • Marta Pascual
    Marta Pascual
    Main Research Field: Marine Ecosystem Services & Marine Spatial Planning.
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  • Elena Perez Miñana
    Elena Perez Miñana
    Main Research Field: Ecosystem Services and Decision Support Systems.
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  • Cristina Pizarro
    Cristina Pizarro
    Main Research Field: Energy Economics, Renewable Energy, Energy Policy, Electricity Market, Climate Policy. .
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  • Luis Rey
    Luis Rey
    Main Research Field: Energy and natural resource economics.
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  • Marí­a Victoria Román de Lara
    Marí­a Victoria Román de Lara
    Main Research Field: Climate finance.
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  • Dirk Rübbelke
    Dirk Rübbelke
    Main Research Field: Environmental, resource and energy economics.
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  • Yoro Sidibé
    Yoro Sidibé
    Main Research Field: Agriculture, food and sustainable development policies.
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  • Joseph Spadaro
    Joseph Spadaro
    Main Research Field: Environmental impact assessment methodology & software development, Environmental fate analysis, Health impact assessment, Uncertainty Analysis, Energy system analysis, Carbon emissions, Transportation, Urban studies, Behavioural science.
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  • Mary Thompson
    Mary Thompson
    Main Research Field: Agrobiodiversity and Climate Change Adaptation .
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  • Leif Vogel
    Leif Vogel
    Main Research Field: Health Impacts of Air Pollution, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics.
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