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Klimagune Summer School Training Caravan Seminars UPV BC3

  • An overview of energy-economy-environment (E3) systems analysis 

  • Date: June , 2nd

  • Location: Faculty of Sarriko

  • Lecturer: Dr. Michael Carbajales-Dale


UPV & BC3 Seminars Programme 2014

The aim of this program jointly promoted by EHU-UPV (University of Basque Country) and BC3, is to contribute to climate change knowledge through a series of lectures led by recognized academics in the field.

We will celebrate around 10 seminars during 2014 and the program will be updated with more detailed information about them.

  1. November 12th
    "Emission Tax, Health Insurance and Crowding out of Energy Conservation Behavior: An Experiment"
    Lecturer: Dr. Pallab Mozumder Department of Earth & Environment, Department of Economics and Social Science Laboratory, International Hurricane Research Center, Florida   read more...
  2. September 25th
    "Social learning through economic experiments: an intervention in three rural water systems"
    Lecturer: Prof. Juan Camilo Cárdenas, School of Economics, Universidad de los Andes , Bogotá, (Colombia).   read more...
  3. June 13th
    "On Fraud and Certification of Corporate Social Responsibility"
    Lecturer: Dr. Dr. Carmen Arguedas, Departamento de Análisis Económico: Teoría Económica e Historia Económica, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.   read more...
  4. June 5th
    "Implications of risk perceptions for long term future of nuclear energy in India: A sensitivity analysis around nuclear energy cost within an integrated assessment modeling framework"
    Lecturer: Dr. Vaibhav Chaturvedi,Research Fellow, at Council on Energy, Environment and Water, New Delhi, India   read more...
  5. May 30th
    "How nuclear power plants in Spain have reacted to the introduction of renewable energy"
    Lecturer: Dr. Margaret Armstrong, Cerna, Centre d'Economie Industrielle MINES, ParisTech read more...
  6. May 28th
    "How to write scientific articles?"
    Lecturer: Prof. Erik Dietzenbacher, Full Professor in Interindustry Economics at the University of Groningen read more...
  7. May 27th
    "Assessment climate change adaptation policies for surface water availability in Mediterranean Europe"
    Lecturer: Prof. Luis Maria Garrote,Full Professor at the Technical University of Madrid (UPM), Dept. of Civil Engineering; Hydraulic and Energy read more...
  8. May 15th
    "Direct and Indirect CO2 Emissions of Households: A Dynamic Consumption Model in an Input-Output Framework."
    Lecturer: Prof. Kurt Kratena
  9. March 19th
    "Putting the break on belching ruminants: strategies to reduce methane emissions."
    Lecturer: Dr. David R. Yáñez-Ruiz, Animal Nutrition Institute (CSIC) read more...











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