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Warsaw Conference: “Small steps forward while awaiting major decisions at the 2015 Paris Conference”

Keywords: COP19, UNFCCC, Warsaw, climate policy

Author(s): Galarraga.I and Román. M.V

Date: 2013-20-12

Issue: PB 2013/ Special Issue-01

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  • Consensus was reached on the text on which the future global
    agreement in Paris 2015 on cutting emissions will be based. The
    countries will have to explain by means of biannual reports from
    2014 onwards how they are going to fulfil the funding pledge in the
    long term. The establishing of requirements for the measuring,
    reporting and verification of emissions cuts and the financial flows
    remained pending.
  • The declarations by Japan, Australia and Canada on their
    mitigation plans increased concern about the viability of keeping
    temperatures below the danger level. Brazil’s proposal to develop
    a methodology for the distribution of mitigation efforts based on
    historical responsibility was not successful.
  • The disagreement between developed and developing countries
    remains in terms of the priority to fix the mitigation ambitions as
    opposed to that of fixing financial support and the transfer of
    capacities and technology.
  • The “Warsaw International Mechanism” and the “Warsaw
    Framework for REDD+” were set up. The first one, whose
    functioning has yet to be determined and which has no budget, is
    intended to address loss and damage. The second contains
    funding systems for REDD+ actions, together with methodological
    questions, and has an initial budget of 280 million dollars.
  • It was agreed that support should be given to the Adaptation Fund
    (which was provided with an additional amount of over 100 million
    dollars), the Clean Development Mechanism and the Joint
    Implementation, the continuity of which is in danger in view of the
    current price of carbon.

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