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Modelling ecosystem services trade-offs in agricultural systems

Keywords: Agricultural systems, Ecosystem services, Trade-offs, Food provision

Author(s): Elena Pérez-Miñana, Agustin del Prado, Patricia Gallejones, Guillermo Pardo, Stefano Balbi and Ferdinando Villa

Date: 2015-06-05

Issue: 2015-02

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  • Agriculture is a source of provisioning, regulating and cultural ecosystem services, and depends on them to function.
  • Reducing negative trade-offs and identifying potential synergies between ecosystem services demands a better understanding of the impact of farm management on their provision.
  • An ecosystem-based approach to food security is advocated to avoid major negative repercussions to society.
  • Novel methods such as semantic meta-modelling are necessary to improve ecosystem services management.
  • In Álava, it is possible to significantly reduce emissions using informed farming practices.

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