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Oliveira, D.,Sánchez Goñi, M.F.,Naughton,F.,Polanco-Martínez,J.M.,Jimenez-Espejo,F., Grimalt,F., Martrat, B., Voelker, A.H.L., Trigo, R.,Hodell, D.,Abrantes, F.,Desprat,S.
Unexpected weak seasonal climate in the western Mediterranean region during MIS 31, a high-insolation forced interglacial

Curiel Yuste, J.C., Heres, A.M., Ojeda, G., Paz, A.,Pizano, C.,Pizano, D., García-Angulo, D., Lasso, E.
Soil heterotrophic CO 2 emissions from tropical high-elevation ecosystems (Páramos) and their sensitivity to temperature and moisture fluctuations
Soil Biology and Biochemistry

Abadie, L.M., Galarraga, I., Sainz de Murieta, E.
Understanding risks in the light of uncertainty: low-probability, high-impact coastal events in cities
Environmental Research Letters

Sanz-Cobena, A. , Lassaletta, L., Aguilera, E.,del Prado, A. , Garniere, J., Billen, G., Iglesias, A., Sánchez, B., Guardia, G., Abalos, D., Plaza-Bonilla, D., Puigdueta-Bartolomé, I., Moral, R., Galán, E., Arriaga, H., Merino, P., Infante-Amate, J. ,
Strategies for greenhouse gas emissions mitigation in Mediterranean agriculture: A review

Angarita-Baéz J.A., Pérez-Miñana E., Beltrán Vargas J.E., Ruiz Agudelo C.A., Paez Ortiz A., Palacios E., Willcock S.
Assessing and mapping cultural ecosystem services at community level in the Colombian Amazon
International Journal of Biodiversity Science, Ecosystem Services and Management

Zabala, A., Pascual, U., García-Barrios, L
Payments for Pioneers? Revisiting the Role of External Rewards for Sustainable Innovation under Heterogeneous Motivations

Pascual, U., Balvanera, P., Díaz, S., et al.
Valuing nature’s contributions to people: the IPBES approach
Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability

Longo A., Campbell D.
The Determinants of Brownfields Redevelopment in England
Environmental and Resource Economics

Mul M., Pettinotti L., Amonoo N.A., Bekoe-Obeng E., Obuobie E.
Dependence of riparian communities on ecosystem services in Northern Ghana
IWMI Working Papers

Ricaurte,L. F., Olaya-Rodríguez, M., Cepeda-Valencia, J., Lara, D., Arroyave-Suárez, J., Max Finlayson, C., Palomo, I.
Future impacts of drivers of change on wetland ecosystem services in Colombia
Global Environmental Change

Phelps, J., Dermawan, A., Garmendia, E.
Institutionalizing environmental valuation into policy: Lessons from 7 Indonesian agencies

Gerstner K., Moreno-Mateos D., Gurevitch J., Beckmann M., Kambach S., Jones H.P., Seppelt R.
Will your paper be used in a meta-analysis? Make the reach of your research broader and longer lasting
Methods in Ecology and Evolution

Ojea,E., Pearlman, L., Gaines,S.D., Lester, S.E.
Fisheries regulatory regimes and resilience to climate change


González-Eguino, M., Neumann, M.B.
Significant implications of permafrost thawing for climate change control

Pascual, M., Rossetto, M., Ojea, E., Milchakova, N.,Kark, S.,Korolesova, D., Melià, P.
Socioeconomic impacts of marine protected areas in the Mediterranean and Black Seas

Abadie, L.M. and Chamorro, J.M.
Revenue Risk of U.S. Tight-Oil Firms

Arto, I., Andreoni, V., Rueda-Cantuche, J.M.
Global use of water resources: A multiregional analysis of water use, water footprint and water trade balance
Water Resources and Economics

Agnoli, L., Capitello, R., De Salvo, M., Longo, A., Boeri, M.
Food fraud and consumers' choices in the wake of the horsemeat scandal
British Food Journal

Pérez-Miñana, E.
Improving Ecosystem Services Modelling
Environmental Modelling & Software

Sánchez Goñi, M.F., Rodrigues,T., Hodell, D.A., Polanco-Martínez, J.M., Alonso-García,M.,Hernández-Almeida, I.,Desprat, S and Ferretti, P.
Tropically-driven climate shifts in southwestern Europe during MIS19, alow eccentricity interglacial

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