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Gallejones, P. , Aizpurua A. , Ortuzar-Iragorri,M.A.; del Prado,A.
Development of a new model for the simulation of N2O emissions: a case-study on wheat cropping systems under humid Mediterranean climate
Mitigation And Adaptation Strategies For Global Change

Birgit Müller, Stefano Balbi, Carsten M. Buchmann, Luí­s de Sousa, Gunnar Dressler, Jürgen Groeneveld, Christian J. Klassert , Quang Bao Le, James D.A. Millington, Henning Nolzen, Dawn C. Parkeri, J. Gary Polhill, Maja Schlüter, Jule Schulze, et al
Standardised and transparent model descriptions for agent-based models: Current status and prospects
Environmental Modelling & Software

Green, R., Milner, J., Dangour, A.D., Haines, A., Chalabi, Z., Markandya, A., Spadaro, J.V. and P. Wilkinson
Health Implications of Adopting Nutritious, Low-Carbon Diets in the U.K.

Rübbelke, D. and Vögele,S.
Time and Tide Wait for No Man: Pioneers and Laggards in the Deployment of CCS
Energy Conversion And Management

Fouquet, Roger
Long-Run Demand for Energy Services: Income and Price Elasticities over Two Hundred Years
Review of Environmental Economics and Policy

Arto, I., Roca, J., Serrano, M.
Measuring emissions avoided by international trade: Accounting for price differences
Ecological Economics


Chiabai, A; Galarraga, I; Markandya, A; Pascual, U
The Equivalency Principle for Discounting the Value of Natural Assets: An Application to an Investment Project in the Basque Coast
Environmental & Resource Economics

Dijkstra, BR; Rubbelke, DTG
Group rewards and individual sanctions in environmental policy
Resource And Energy Economics

Muradian, R; Arsel, M; Pellegrini, L; Adaman, F; Aguilar, B; Agarwal, B; Corbera, E; de Blas, DE; Farley, J; Froger, G; Garcia-Frapolli, E; Gomez-Baggethun, E; Gowdy, J; Kosoy, N; Le Coq, JF; Leroy, P; May, P; Meral, P; Mibielli, P; Norgaard, R; Ozkaynak,
Payments for ecosystem services and the fatal attraction of win-win solutions
Conservation Letters

Chiabai, Aline; Dirk Rübbelke and Lisa Maurer
ICT Applications in the Research into Environmental Sustainability: A User Preferences Approach
Environment, Development and Sustainability

Bendel, V; Ueltzhoffer, KJ; Freitag, J; Kipfstuhl, S; Kuhs, WF; Garbe, CS; Faria, SH
High-resolution variations in size, number and arrangement of air bubbles in the EPICA DML (Antarctica) ice core
Journal Of Glaciology

Kumar, P., Brondizio, E., Gatzweiler, F., Gowdy, J., de Groot, J., Pascual, U., Reyers, B., Suhkdev
The economics of ecosystem services: from local analysis to national policies
Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability

Abadie, LM; Chamorro, JM; Gonzalez-Eguino, M
Valuing uncertain cash flows from investments that enhance energy efficiency
Journal Of Environmental Management

Athanasiadis, I.A., Villa, F.
A roadmap to domain specific programming languages for environmental modelling: Key requirements and concepts.
Proceedings of ACM SIGPLAN. Conference on Systems, Programming, Languages and Applications: Software for Humanity.

Pittel, K; Rubbelke, D
International Climate Finance and Its Influence on Fairness and Policy
World Economy

Stromberg, PM; Dedeurwaerdere, T; Pascual, U
The heterogeneity of public ex situ collections of microorganisms: Empirical evidence about conservation practices, industry spillovers and public goods
Environmental Science & Policy

Linares, P; Rey, L
The costs of electricity interruptions in Spain. Are we sending the right signals?
Energy Policy

Nordhagen, S; Pascual, U
The Impact of Climate Shocks on Seed Purchase Decisions in Malawi: Implications for Climate Change Adaptation
World Development

Gamerith, V; Neumann, MB; Muschalla, D
Applying global sensitivity analysis to the modelling of flow and water quality in sewers
Water Research

Cosenza, A; Mannina, G; Vanrolleghem, PA; Neumann, MB
Global sensitivity analysis in wastewater applications: A comprehensive comparison of different methods
Environmental Modelling & Software

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