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Galarraga, I., Ramos, A., Lucas, J. and Labandeira X.
The Price of Energy Efficiency in the Spanish Car Market
Transport Policy

Bateman, I.J., Harwood, A.R., Abson, D.J.,Andrews, B., A. Crowe, S. Dugdale, C. Fezzi, J. Foden, D. Hadley, R Haines-Young, M, Hulme, A Kontoleon, P. Munday, U Pascual, J Paterson, G Perino, A Sen, G.Siriwardena, M Termansen
Economic Analysis for the UK National Ecosystem Assessment: Synthesis and Scenario Valuation of Changes in Ecosystem Services
Environment and Resource Economics

Edward R. Carr, Mary C. Thompson
Gender and Climate Change Adaptation in Agrarian Settings: Current Thinking, New Directions, and Research Frontiers
Geography Compass

Unamunzaga, O., Besga, G., Castellón, A., Usón, M.A., Chéry, P., Gallejones, P., Aizpurua, A.
Spatial and vertical analysis of soil properties in a Mediterranean vineyard soil
Soil Use And Management

Oene Oenema, Xiaotang Ju, Cecile de Klein, Marta Alfaro, Agustin del Prado, Jan Peter Lesschen, Xunhua Zheng, Gerard Velthof, Lin Ma, Bing Gao, Carolien Kroeze, Mark Sutton
Reducing nitrous oxide emissions from the global food system
Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability

Arto, I., Dietzenbacher, E.
Drivers of the growth in global greenhouse gas emissions
Environmental Science & Technology


Rincón, A., Pascual., U., Flantua, S
Examining spatially varying relationships between coca crops and associated factors in Colombia, using geographically weight regression
Applied Geography

Rubbelke, D; Vogele, S
Effects of carbon dioxide capture and storage in Germany on European electricity exchange and welfare
Energy Policy

Chiabai, A; Paskaleva, K; Lombardi, P
e-Participation Model for Sustainable Cultural Tourism Management: a Bottom-Up Approach
International Journal Of Tourism Research

Markandya, A., González-Eguino, M., Escapa
From shadow to Green: linking environmental fiscal reforms and the informal economy
Energy Economics

Narloch, U; Pascual, U; Drucker, AG
How to achieve fairness in payments for ecosystem services? Insights from agrobiodiversity conservation auctions
Land Use Policy

Schoer, K., Wood, R., Arto, I., Weinzettel, J.
Estimating Raw Material Equivalents on a macro-level: Comparison of multi-regional input output analysis and hybrid LCA-IOA
Environmental Science & Technology

Chiabai, A; Galarraga, I; Markandya, A; Pascual, U
The Equivalency Principle for Discounting the Value of Natural Assets: An Application to an Investment Project in the Basque Coast
Environmental & Resource Economics

Dijkstra, BR; Rubbelke, DTG
Group rewards and individual sanctions in environmental policy
Resource And Energy Economics

Muradian, R; Arsel, M; Pellegrini, L; Adaman, F; Aguilar, B; Agarwal, B; Corbera, E; de Blas, DE; Farley, J; Froger, G; Garcia-Frapolli, E; Gomez-Baggethun, E; Gowdy, J; Kosoy, N; Le Coq, JF; Leroy, P; May, P; Meral, P; Mibielli, P; Norgaard, R; Ozkaynak,
Payments for ecosystem services and the fatal attraction of win-win solutions
Conservation Letters

Chiabai, Aline; Dirk Rübbelke and Lisa Maurer
ICT Applications in the Research into Environmental Sustainability: A User Preferences Approach
Environment, Development and Sustainability

Bendel, V; Ueltzhoffer, KJ; Freitag, J; Kipfstuhl, S; Kuhs, WF; Garbe, CS; Faria, SH
High-resolution variations in size, number and arrangement of air bubbles in the EPICA DML (Antarctica) ice core
Journal Of Glaciology

Kumar, P., Brondizio, E., Gatzweiler, F., Gowdy, J., de Groot, J., Pascual, U., Reyers, B., Suhkdev
The economics of ecosystem services: from local analysis to national policies
Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability

Abadie, LM; Chamorro, JM; Gonzalez-Eguino, M
Valuing uncertain cash flows from investments that enhance energy efficiency
Journal Of Environmental Management

Athanasiadis, I.A., Villa, F.
A roadmap to domain specific programming languages for environmental modelling: Key requirements and concepts.
Proceedings of ACM SIGPLAN. Conference on Systems, Programming, Languages and Applications: Software for Humanity.

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