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Jens Roessiger, Paul D. Bons, Sérgio H. Faria
Influence of bubbles on grain growth in ice
Journal of Structural Geology

Martin-Lopez, B., Palomo, I.,Garcia-Llorente,M.,Iniesta-Arandia,L.,Castro, A.J.,Garcia Del Amo, D.,Gomez-Baggethun, E.,Montes,C.
Delineating boundaries of social-ecological systems for landscape planning: A comprehensive spatial approach

Palomo, I., Martín-López, B., Alcorlo, P., Montes, C.
Limitations of Protected Areas Zoning in Mediterranean Cultural Landscapes Under the Ecosystem Services Approach

Aronson, J., Murcia, C., Kattan, G.H., Moreno-Mateos, D., Dixon, K., and Simberloff, D.
The road to confusion is paved with novel ecosystem labels: a reply to Hobbs et al.

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A methodology for adaptable and robust ecosystem services assessment.

Villamor, G.B., Palomo, I., López-Santiago, C.A., Oteros-Rozas, E., Hill, J.
Assessing stakeholders' perceptions and values towards social-ecological systems using participatory methods
Ecological processes


Athanasiadis, I.A., Villa, F.
A roadmap to domain specific programming languages for environmental modelling: Key requirements and concepts.
Proceedings of ACM SIGPLAN. Conference on Systems, Programming, Languages and Applications: Software for Humanity.

Linares, P; Rey, L
The costs of electricity interruptions in Spain. Are we sending the right signals?
Energy Policy

Pittel, K; Rubbelke, D
International Climate Finance and Its Influence on Fairness and Policy
World Economy

Stromberg, PM; Dedeurwaerdere, T; Pascual, U
The heterogeneity of public ex situ collections of microorganisms: Empirical evidence about conservation practices, industry spillovers and public goods
Environmental Science & Policy

Gamerith, V; Neumann, MB; Muschalla, D
Applying global sensitivity analysis to the modelling of flow and water quality in sewers
Water Research

Nordhagen, S; Pascual, U
The Impact of Climate Shocks on Seed Purchase Decisions in Malawi: Implications for Climate Change Adaptation
World Development

Cosenza, A; Mannina, G; Vanrolleghem, PA; Neumann, MB
Global sensitivity analysis in wastewater applications: A comprehensive comparison of different methods
Environmental Modelling & Software

Shipman, PD; Faria, SH; Strickland, C
Towards a continuous population model for natural language vowel shift

Refsgaard, JC; Arnbjerg-Nielsen, K; Drews, M; Halsnaes, K; Jeppesen, E; Madsen, H; Markandya, A; Olesen, JE; Porter, JR; Christensen, JH
The role of uncertainty in climate change adaptation strategies-A Danish water management example
Mitigation And Adaptation Strategies For Global Change

Stefano Balbi, Sabindra Bhandari, Animesh K. Gain, Carlo Giupponi
Multi-agent agro-economic simulation of irrigation water demand with climate services for climate change adaptation
Italian Journal of Agronomy

Heres, D.R.; Ortiz, R.A.; Markandya, A.
Deforestation in private lands in Brazil and policy implications for REDD programs: an empirical assessment of land use changes within farms using an econometric model
International Forestry Review

Petersen, SO; Blanchard, M; Chadwick, D; Del Prado, A; Edouard, N; Mosquera, J; Sommer, SG
Manure management for greenhouse gas mitigation

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Agricultural intensification escalates future conservation costs
Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences Of The United States Of America

Bagstad, K.J., Johnson, G.W., Voigt, B., Villa, F
Spatial dynamics of ecosystem service flows: A comprehensive approach to quantifying actual services
Ecosystem Services

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