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Markandya, A.
Externalities from electricity generation and renewable energy. Methodology and application in Europe and Spain
Cuadernos Economicos de ICE

Chiabai A, Platt S, Strielkowski W
Consumers' specifications and their preferences for tourism e-services
Economics and Management

Martin-Ortega, J; Brouwer, R; Ojea, E; Berbel, J
Benefit transfer and spatial heterogeneity of preferences for water quality improvements
Journal Of Environmental Management

Jackson, LE; Pulleman, MM; Brussaard, L; Bawa, KS; Brown, GG; Cardoso, IM; de Ruiter, PC; Garcia-Barrios, L; Hollander, AD; Lavelle, P; Ouedraogo, E; Pascual, U; Setty, S; Smukler, SM; Tscharntke, T; Van Noordwijk, M
Social-ecological and regional adaptation of agrobiodiversity management across a global set of research regions
Global Environmental Change-Human And Policy Dimensions

Fouquet, R
Trends in income and price elasticities of transport demand (1850-2010)
Energy Policy

Galarraga, I., Lucas, J., Gonzalez-Eguino, M.
Evaluación económica del etiquetado de eficiencia energética: el caso de las lavadoras en España
Papeles de Economía Española

Ojea, E; Ghosh, RK; Agrawal, BB; Joshi, PK
Costing adaptation to climate change impacts in forest ecosystems A case study with experiences from India
International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management

Chamorro, JM; Abadie, LM; de Neufville, R; Ilic, M
Market-based valuation of transmission network expansion. A heuristic application in GB

Foudi, S
The role of farmers' property rights in soil ecosystem services conservation

Ojea, E; Martin-Ortega, J; Chiabai, A
Defining and classifying ecosystem services for economic valuation: the case of forest water services
Environmental Science & Policy

Foudi, S; Erdlenbruch, K
The role of irrigation in farmers' risk management strategies in France

Markandya, A and P. Nunes
Is the value of bioprospecting contracts too low?
International Journal of Ecological Economics and Statistics

Grasso, M; Manera, M; Chiabai, A; Markandya, A
The Health Effects of Climate Change: A Survey of Recent Quantitative Research
International Journal Of Environmental Research And Public Health

Ojea, E. R. K. Ghosh, B. Agrawal, P.K. Joshi and A. Markandya
Setting targets for costing ecosystem adaptation
International Journal of Ecological Economics & Statistics

Zheng, P.J., Yan, Z. and Markandya,A.
Adaptation Approaches to Climate Change in China: An Operational Framework
Economia Agraria y Recursos Naturales

Sunderland, L-A., Gabriel, D., Pascual, U., Schmutz, Rigby, D Godwin, R, Sait, S.M, Sakrabani, R., Kunin, W.E., Benton, T.G, Stagl, S.
The ‘Neighbourhood Effect’: A multidisciplinary assessment of the case for farmer co-ordination in agri-environmental programmes
Land Use Policy


Abadie, LM; Chamorro, JM
Valuing Expansions of the Electricity Transmission Network under Uncertainty: The Binodal Case

Pascual, U., Narloch, U., Nordhagen, S., Drucker, A.
The economics of agrobiodiversity conservation for food security under climate change
Economía Agraria y Recursos Naturales

Buchholz, W; Cornes, R; Rubbelke, D
Interior matching equilibria in a public good economy: An aggregative game approach
Journal Of Public Economics

Markandya, A; Ortiz, RA
Beyond Current Practices The Role of the External Costs of Carbon in Climate Decision Making
Journal Of Industrial Ecology

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