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Ojea, E; Martin-Ortega, J; Chiabai, A
Defining and classifying ecosystem services for economic valuation: the case of forest water services
Environmental Science & Policy

Foudi, S; Erdlenbruch, K
The role of irrigation in farmers' risk management strategies in France

Markandya, A and P. Nunes
Is the value of bioprospecting contracts too low?
International Journal of Ecological Economics and Statistics

Grasso, M; Manera, M; Chiabai, A; Markandya, A
The Health Effects of Climate Change: A Survey of Recent Quantitative Research
International Journal Of Environmental Research And Public Health

Ojea, E. R. K. Ghosh, B. Agrawal, P.K. Joshi and A. Markandya
Setting targets for costing ecosystem adaptation
International Journal of Ecological Economics & Statistics

Zheng, P.J., Yan, Z. and Markandya,A.
Adaptation Approaches to Climate Change in China: An Operational Framework
Economia Agraria y Recursos Naturales

Sunderland, L-A., Gabriel, D., Pascual, U., Schmutz, Rigby, D Godwin, R, Sait, S.M, Sakrabani, R., Kunin, W.E., Benton, T.G, Stagl, S.
The ‘Neighbourhood Effect’: A multidisciplinary assessment of the case for farmer co-ordination in agri-environmental programmes
Land Use Policy

Markandya, Anil and Dirk Rübbelke
Impure Public Technologies and Environmental Policy
Journal of Economic Studies

Gonzalez-Eguino, M; Galarraga, I; Ansuategi, A
The future of old industrial regions in a carbon-constrained world
Climate Policy

Ojea, E; Ruiz-Benito, P; Markandya, A; Zavala, MA
Wood provisioning in Mediterranean forests: A bottom-up spatial valuation approach
Forest Policy And Economics

Garmendia, E., Mariel, P., Tamayo, I., Aizpuru, I., Zabaleta, A.
Assessing the effect of alternative land uses in the provision of water resources: Evidence and policy implications from southern Europe
Land Use Policy

Abdullah, S; Markandya, A
Rural electrification programmes in Kenya: Policy conclusions from a valuation study

Gallejones, P; Castellon, A; del Prado, A; Unamunzaga, O; Aizpurua, A
Nitrogen and sulphur fertilization effect on leaching losses, nutrient balance and plant quality in a wheat-rapeseed rotation under a humid Mediterranean climate
Nutrient Cycling In Agroecosystems

Garmendia, E; Gamboa, G
Weighting social preferences in participatory multi-criteria evaluations: A case study on sustainable natural resource management
Ecological Economics

C. Figuières, S.Leplay, E. Midler and S. Thoyer
The REDD Scheme to Curb Deforestation: a Well-designed System of Incentives?
Strategic Behavior and the Environment

Johnson, G.W., Bagstad, K., Snapp, R., Villa, F
Service Path Attribution Networks (SPANs): A Network Flow Approach to Ecosystem Service Assessment
International Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Information Systems


Ortiz, RA; Golub, A; Lugovoy, O; Markandya, A; Wang, J
DICER: A tool for analyzing climate policies
Energy Economics

Ortiz, RA; Hunt, A; da Motta, RS; MacKnight, V
Morbidity costs associated with ambient air pollution exposure in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Atmospheric Pollution Research

Wu, J., Fisher, M., Pascual, U
Urbanization and the viability of local agricultural economies
Land Economics

Khatun, K
Reconciling timber provision with carbon sequestration opportunities in the tropical forests of Central America
Environmental Science & Policy

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