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Ziegler, AD; Phelps, J; Yuen, JQ; Webb, EL; Lawrence, D; Fox, JM; Bruun, TB; Leisz, SJ; Ryan, CM; Dressler, W; Mertz, O; Pascual, U; Padoch, C; Koh, LP
Carbon outcomes of major land-cover transitions in SE Asia: great uncertainties and REDD plus policy implications
Global Change Biology

Kaysara Khatun
Reform or reversal: implications of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) on land use, land use change, and forestry (LULUCF) in developing countries
Conservation Letters

Markandya, A and P. Nunes
Editorial: Introduction to the Special Issue on the Socioeconomics and Management of Bioprospecting
International Journal of Ecological Economics and Statistics

Melanie Heugues
Endogenous Timing in Pollution Control: Stackelberg versus Cournot-Nash Equilibria
Strategic Behavior and the Environment

Hoyos, D; Mariel, P; Pascual, U; Etxano, I
Valuing a Natura 2000 network site to inform land use options using a discrete choice experiment: An illustration from the Basque Country
Journal Of Forest Economics

Narloch, U; Pascual, U; Drucker, AG
Collective Action Dynamics under External Rewards: Experimental Insights from Andean Farming Communities
World Development

Melanie Heugues
International environmental cooperation: a new eye on the greenhouse gas emissions’ control
Annals of Operations Research

Longo, A; Hoyos, D; Markandya, A
Willingness to Pay for Ancillary Benefits of Climate Change Mitigation
Environmental & Resource Economics

Abadie, LM; Ortiz, RA; Galarraga, I
Determinants of energy efficiency investments in the US

Roger Fouquet and Peter J.G. Pearson
Past and Prospective Energy Transitons: Insights from History
Energy Policy

Martin-Ortega, J; Gonzalez-Eguino, M; Markandya, A
The costs of drought: the 2007/2008 case of Barcelona
Water Policy

Fouquet, R
The demand for environmental quality in driving transitions to low-polluting energy sources
Energy Policy

E. Sainz de Murieta, I. Galarraga and A. Markandya
Klima aldaketa sozioekonomiaren ikuspegitik

Pittel, K; Rubbelke, DTG
Transitions in the negotiations on climate change: from prisoner's dilemma to chicken and beyond
International Environmental Agreements-Politics Law And Economics

Fouquet, R. and P. J.G. Pearson
The Long Run Demand for Lighting: Elasticities and Rebound Effects in Different Phases of Economic Development
Economics of Energy and Environmental Policy

Gallastegui, MC; Gonzalez-Eguino, M; Galarraga, I
Cost effectiveness of a combination of instruments for global warming: a quantitative approach for Spain
Series-Journal Of The Spanish Economic Association


Galarraga, I; Gonzalez-Eguino, M; Markandya, A
The Role of Regional Governments in Climate Change Policy
Environmental Policy and Governance

Chiabai, A; Travisi, CM; Markandya, A; Ding, H; Nunes, PALD
Economic Assessment of Forest Ecosystem Services Losses: Cost of Policy Inaction
Environmental & Resource Economics

Pascual, U.
Governing the Environment: Salient institutional Issues. (book review)
Journal of Integrative Environmental Sciences

Galarraga, I, González-Eguino, M and Markandya, A.
Willingness to pay and price elasticities of demand for energy-efficient appliances: combining the hedonic approach and demand systems
Energy Economics

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