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Desaigues, B. et al.
Economic valuation of air pollution mortality: A 9-country contingent valuation survey of value of a life year (VOLY)
Ecological Indicators

F. Villa, K. Bagstad, G. Johnson, B. Voigt
Scientific instruments for climate change adaptation: estimating and optimizing the efficiency of ecosystem services provision.
Economia Ambiental y Recursos Naturales

Rubbelke, DTG
International support of climate change policies in developing countries: Strategic, moral and fairness aspects
Ecological Economics

Rodriguez, LC; Pascual, U; Muradian, R; Pazmino, N; Whitten, S
Towards a unified scheme for environmental and social protection: Learning from PES and CCT experiences in developing countries
Ecological Economics

Ortiz, RA; Golub, A; Lugovoy, O; Markandya, A; Wang, J
DICER: A tool for analyzing climate policies
Energy Economics

Ortiz, RA; Hunt, A; da Motta, RS; MacKnight, V
Morbidity costs associated with ambient air pollution exposure in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Atmospheric Pollution Research

Wu, J., Fisher, M., Pascual, U
Urbanization and the viability of local agricultural economies
Land Economics

Khatun, K
Reconciling timber provision with carbon sequestration opportunities in the tropical forests of Central America
Environmental Science & Policy

Traerup, SLM; Ortiz, RA; Markandya, A
The Costs of Climate Change: A Study of Cholera in Tanzania
International Journal Of Environmental Research And Public Health

Fouquet, R
Divergences in Long-Run Trends in the Prices of Energy and Energy Services
Review Of Environmental Economics And Policy

Galarraga, I, González-Eguino, M. and Markandya, A.
De Cancún a Durban en un largo camino contra el cambio climático

Markandya.A ,Ponczek.V. and Yi.S
What are the Links between Aid Volatility and Growth
The Journal of Developing Areas

Fouquet, R
Long run trends in energy-related external costs
Ecological Economics

Del Prado, A; Misselbrook, T; Chadwick, D; Hopkins, A; Dewhurst, RJ; Davison, P; Butler, A; Schroder, J; Scholefield, D
SIMSDAIRY: A modelling framework to identify sustainable dairy farms in the UK. Framework description and test for organic systems and N fertiliser optimisation
Science Of The Total Environment

Wegner, G; Pascual, U
Cost-benefit analysis in the context of ecosystem services for human well-being: A multidisciplinary critique
Global Environmental Change-Human And Policy Dimensions

Narloch, U; Pascual, U; Drucker, AG
Cost-effectiveness targeting under multiple conservation goals and equity considerations in the Andes

Abadie, L.M., Heres, D.R.
Electricity Prices and generation cost in European futures markets with implications for Spain
Estudios de Economía Aplicada

Markandya, A
Equity and Distributional Implications of Climate Change
World Development

Galarraga I, Osés N, Markandya A, Chiabai A, Khatun K
Aportaciones desde la Economía de la Adaptación a la Toma de Decisiones sobre Cambio Climático: Un Ejemplo para la Comunidad Autónoma del País Vasco
Economia Agraria y Recursos Naturales


Gonzalez-Eguino, M
Economic impact of Post-Kyoto scenarios in Spain
Investigacion Economica

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