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Aakre, S; Rubbelke, DTG
Adaptation to Climate Change in the European Union: Efficiency versus Equity Considerations
Environmental Policy and Governance

Hintermann, B; Alberini, A; Markandya, A
Estimating the value of safety with labour market data: are the results trustworthy?
Applied Economics.

Fouquet, R
The slow search for solutions: Lessons from historical energy transitions by sector and service
Energy Policy

I. Galarraga and A. Markandya
The Road to Copenhagen-COP 15
Elhuyar Aldizkaria


Abadie, L.M. and Chamorro, J.M.
Income risk of EU coal-fired power plants after Kyoto
Energy Policy

A.Markandya and E. Ricci
Green Taxes on Aviation: The Case of Italy: The Proposal of the Green Taxation Matrix
Rivista di Politica Economica

Markandya, A; Armstrong, BG; Hales, S; Chiabai, A; Criqui, P; Mima, S; Tonne, C; Wilkinson, P
Health and Climate Change 3 Public health benefits of strategies to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions: low-carbon electricity generation

Abadie, L.M. and Chamorro, J.M.
Monte Carlo valuation of natural gas investments
Review of Financial Economics 2009

Haines, A; McMichael, AJ; Smith, KR; Roberts, I; Woodcock, J; Markandya, A; Armstrong, BG; Campbell-Lendrum, D; Dangour, AD; Davies, M; Bruce, N; Tonne, C; Barrett, M; Wilkinson, P
Public health benefits of strategies to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions: overview and implications for policy makers

Seo, SN; Mendelsohn, R; Dinar, A; Hassan, R; Kurukulasuriya, P
A Ricardian Analysis of the Distribution of Climate Change Impacts on Agriculture across Agro-Ecological Zones in Africa

Abadie, L.M. and Chamorro, J.M.
The economics of gasification: a market-based approach

Seo, S.N., R. Mendelsohn, A. Dinar, and P. Kurukulasuriya
Adapting to Climate Change Mosaically: An Analysis of Adaptation in African Livestock Management across Agro-Ecological Zones
The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy (Special issue on economic geography)

Ojea, E. and M.L. Loureiro
Valuation of Wildlife: Revising Some Additional Considerations for Scope Tests
Contemporary Economic Policy

Abadie, L.M.
Valuation of Long-Term Investments in Energy Assets under Uncertainty

Markandya, A
Making Agricultural Systems More Environmentally Sustainable
Rivista Dell´ Associazione Rossi-Doria

Markandya, A; Ortiz, RA; Mudgal, S; Tinetti, B
Analysis of tax incentives for energy-efficient durables in the EU

Martin-Ortega y Berbel
Beneficios y costes ambientales en la Directiva Marco del Agua: conceptos y estimación
Estudios Geográficos

A. Markandya, A. Bastianin and C. Cattaneo
Are China and Europe Converging?
China Economist

Markandya, A
Can Climate Change be Reversed under Capitalism?

Kiula, O and Markandya, A
Can transition economies implement a carbon tax and hope for a double dividend? The case of Estonia
Applied Economics Letters,(J)

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