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  • 2021
  • Craveiro, D., Marques, S., Zvěřinová, I., Máca, V., Ščasný, M., Chiabai, A., Suarez, C., Martinez-Juarez, P., García de Jalón, S., Quiroga, S., Taylor, T. 2021. Explaining inequalities in fruit and vegetable intake in Europe: The role of capabilities, opportunities and motivations. Appetite. 165. DOI (10.1016/j.appet.2021.105283).
  • Cremades, R., Sanchez-Plaza, A., Hewitt, R.J., Mitter, H., Baggio, J.A., Olazabal, M., Broekman, A., Kropf, B., Tudose, N.C. 2021. Guiding cities under increased droughts: The limits to sustainable urban futures. Ecological Economics. 189. DOI (10.1016/j.ecolecon.2021.107140).
  • Dawson, N.M., Coolsaet, B., Sterling, E.J., Loveridge, R., Gross-Camp, N.D., Wongbusarakum, S., Sangha, K.K., Scherl, L.M., Phan, H.P., Zafra-Calvo, N., Lavey, W.G., Byakagaba, P., Idrobo, C.J., Chenet, A., Bennett, N.J., Mansourian, S., Rosado-May, F.J. 2021. The role of indigenous peoples and local communities in effective and equitable conservation. Ecology and Society. 26. (3) DOI (10.5751/ES-12625-260319).
  • de Ayala, A., Foudi, S., Solà, M.d.M., López-Bernabé, E., Galarraga, I. 2021. Consumers’ preferences regarding energy efficiency: a qualitative analysis based on the household and services sectors in Spain. Energy Efficiency. 14. (1) DOI (10.1007/s12053-020-09921-0).
  • De Otálora, X.D., Del Prado, A., Dragoni, F., Estellés, F., Amon, B. 2021. Evaluating three-pillar sustainability modelling approaches for dairy cattle production systems. Sustainability (Switzerland). 13. (11) DOI (10.3390/su13116332).
  • del Mar Solà, M., de Ayala, A., Galarraga, I. 2021. The Effect of Providing Monetary Information on Energy Savings for Household Appliances: A Field Trial in Spain. Journal of Consumer Policy. 44. (2) 279-310-310. DOI (10.1007/s10603-021-09483-3).
  • Del Prado, A., Manzano, P., Pardo, G. 2021. The role of the European small ruminant dairy sector in stabilising global temperatures: Lessons from GWP∗ warming-equivalent emission metrics. Journal of Dairy Research. 88. (1) 8-15-8. DOI (10.1017/S0022029921000157).
  • Della Sala, P., Cilas, C., Gimeno, T.E., Wohl, S., Opoku, S.Y., Găinuşă-Bogdan, A., Ribeyre, F. 2021. Assessment of atmospheric and soil water stress impact on a tropical crop: the case of Theobroma cacao under Harmattan conditions in eastern Ghana. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 311. DOI (10.1016/j.agrformet.2021.108670).
  • Di Felice, L.J., Cabello, V., Ripa, M., Madrid-Lopez, C. 2021. Quantitative Storytelling: Science, Narratives, and Uncertainty in Nexus Innovations. Science Technology and Human Values. DOI (10.1177/01622439211053819).
  • Droz, L. 2021. Distribution of responsibility for climate change within the milieu. Philosophies. 6 (3) DOI (10.3390/philosophies6030062).
  • Droz, L.n. 2021. Challenging Harmony to Save Nature? Environmental Activism and Ethics in Taiwan and Japan. International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy. 10. (1) DOI (10.5204/IJCJSD.1969).
  • Echeverri, J., Cely‐gómez, A., Zafra‐calvo, N., González, J., Matallana‐tobón, C., Santamaría, M., Galán, S. 2021. Short communication: Application of site‐level assessment of governance and equity (sage) methodology to a candidate oecm: AndakÍ municipal natural park, caquetÁ, colombia. Parks. 27. (1) 85-90-90. DOI (10.2305/IUCN.CH.2021.PARKS-27-1JE.en).
  • Flores, O., Deckmyn, G., Yuste, J.C., Javaux, M., Uvarov, A., van der Linde, S., de Vos, B., Vereecken, H., Jiménez, J., Vinduskova, O., Schnepf, A. 2021. KEYLINK: Towards a more integrative soil representation for inclusion in ecosystem scale models - II: Model description, implementation and testing. PeerJ. 9 DOI (10.7717/peerj.10707).
  • Galán, E. 2021. Regional Soil Nutrient Balances for Cropland in 1920s Catalonia, Spain. Social Science History. 45. (4) 681-703. DOI (10.1017/ssh.2021.27).
  • Galende-Sánchez, E., Sorman, A.H. 2021. From consultation toward co-production in science and policy: A critical systematic review of participatory climate and energy initiatives. Energy Research and Social Science. 73. DOI (10.1016/j.erss.2020.101907).
  • García de Jalón, S., Chiabai, A., Quiroga, S., Suárez, C., Martínez, P., Taylor, T. 2021. The Potential of Green Areas Exposure on Increasing People’s Physical Activity. Environmental Science and Engineering. 2391-2394-2394. DOI (10.1007/978-3-030-51210-1_374).
  • García de Jalón, S., Chiabai, A., Quiroga, S., Suárez, C., Ščasný, M., Máca, V., Zvěřinová, I., Marques, S., Craveiro, D., Taylor, T. 2021. The influence of urban greenspaces on people's physical activity: A population-based study in Spain. Landscape and Urban Planning. 215. DOI (10.1016/j.landurbplan.2021.104229).
  • Garmendia, J.M., Valle, M., Borja, Á., Chust, G., Rodríguez, J.G., Franco, J. 2021. Estimated footprint of shellfishing activities in Zostera noltei meadows in a northern Spain estuary: Lessons for management. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science. 254. DOI (10.1016/j.ecss.2021.107320).
  • Gazol, A., Hereş, A.M., Curiel Yuste, J. 2021. Land-use practices (coppices and dehesas) and management intensity modulate responses of Holm oak growth to drought. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 297. DOI (10.1016/j.agrformet.2020.108235).
  • Giarola, S., Mittal, S., Vielle, M., Perdana, S., Campagnolo, L., Delpiazzo, E., Bui, H., Kraavi, A.A., Kolpakov, A., Sognnaes, I., Peters, G., Hawkes, A., Köberle, A.C., Grant, N., Gambhir, A., Nikas, A., Doukas, H., Moreno, J., van de Ven, D.J. 2021. Challenges in the harmonisation of global integrated assessment models: A comprehensive methodology to reduce model response heterogeneity. Science of the Total Environment. 783. DOI (10.1016/j.scitotenv.2021.146861).
  • Gimeno, T.E., Campany, C.E., Drake, J.E., Barton, C.V.M., Tjoelker, M.G., Ubierna, N., Marshall, J.D. 2021. Whole-tree mesophyll conductance reconciles isotopic and gas-exchange estimates of water-use efficiency. New Phytologist. 229. (5) 2535-2547-2547. DOI (10.1111/nph.17088).
  • Gissi, E., Manea, E., Mazaris, A.D., Fraschetti, S., Almpanidou, V., Bevilacqua, S., Coll, M., Guarnieri, G., Lloret-Lloret, E., Pascual, M., Petza, D., Rilov, G., Schonwald, M., Stelzenmüller, V., Katsanevakis, S. 2021. A review of the combined effects of climate change and other local human stressors on the marine environment. Science of the Total Environment. 755. DOI (10.1016/j.scitotenv.2020.142564).
  • Goicoechea, N., Abadie, L.M. 2021. Optimal slow steaming speed for container ships under the eu emission trading system. Energies. 14. (22) DOI (10.3390/en14227487).
  • Goicoechea, N., Galarraga, I., Abadie, L.M., Pümpel, H., de Gauna, I.R. 2021. Insights on the economic estimates of the climate costs of the aviation sector due to air management in 2018-19. Dyna (Spain). 96. (6) DOI (10.6036/10238).
  • Guibrunet, L., Gerritsen, P.R.W., Sierra-Huelsz, J.A., Flores-Díaz, A.C., García-Frapolli, E., García-Serrano, E., Pascual, U., Balvanera, P. 2021. Beyond participation: How to achieve the recognition of local communities’ value-systems in conservation? Some insights from Mexico. People and Nature. 3 (3) 528-541-541. DOI (10.1002/pan3.10203).

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