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  • 2008
  • Markandya, A. 2008. Il Mercato Del Carbonio: Overview Sui Principali Carbon Funds Esistenti E Sui Progetti Finanziati. Enea, Energia, Ambiente E Innovazione. 54. 4-11.
  • Martín-Ortega J., Berbel J. 2008. Beneficios y costes ambientales en la Directiva Marco del Agua: conceptos y estimación1. Estudios Geograficos. 69. (265) 609-635. DOI (10.3989/estgeogr.0416).
  • Seo S.N. 2008. What can arid zones produce under global warming?: A review of livestock management in developing countries. ANNALS OF ARID ZONE. 47. (3-4) 375-392.
  • Smith S. 2008. Restraining the Golden Weed: Taxation and Regulation of Tobacco. FinanzArchiv. 64. (4) 502-504. DOI (10.1628/001522108X397697).

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