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  • 2013
  • Bermejo, R., Hoyos, D., Garmendia, E. 2013 Bases for the Transition Toward a Sustainable Economy. In: Ayestarán, I., Onaindia, M. In: Sustainable Development, Ecological Complexity, and Environmental Values. 1st ed. Reno (Nevada). Centre for Basque Studies. 111-126. ISBN 978-1-935709-35-0.
  • Bermejo, R., Hoyos,D. and Garmendia, E. 2013 Principles for a transition towards a sustainable economy. In: I. Ayestaran and M. Onaindia . In: Sustainable Development, Ecological Complexity and Environmental Values. Reno. Center for Basque Studies, University of Nevada. ISBN 978-1-935709-35-0.
  • Garmendia, E. and Pascual, U. 2013 A justice critique of environmental valuation for ecosystem governance. In: Sikor, T. In: Justices and Injustices of Ecosystem Services. 1st ed. London. Earthscan. ISBN 978-0-415-82540-5.
  • Jacobs, S., Keune, H., Vrebos, D. Beauchard, O. Villa, F., Meire, P. 2013 Ecosystem Services Assessments: Science or Pragmatism? . In: Jacobs, S., Dendoncker, N, Keune, H. In: Ecosystem Services, Global Issues, Local Practices. New York. Elsevier. ISBN 9780124199644.
  • Markandya A., González-Eguino M. Escapa M. 2013 Reforma fiscal ambiental y desempleo en España en presencia de un sector informal. In: . In: Energía y Tributación Ambiental. Madrid. Marcial Pons. ISBN 9788415664284.
  • Pascual, U., Jackson, L., Drucker, A. 2013 Economics of Agrobiodiversity. In: - In: Encyclopedia of Biodiversity (Second Edition) . Waltham. Elsevier. 31-44. ISBN 978-0-12-384720-1.
  • 2012
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  • Rocca L, Chiabai A, Chiarullo L. 2012 Capire il Territorio Attraverso l'e-Governance: Il Caso di Studio di Genova. In: Cerreti C, Dumont I, Tabusi M. In: Geografia Sociale e Democrazia: Opportunità e Rischi della Comunicazione non Convenzionale. Roma. Aracne editrice. ISBN 978-88-548-4642-5.
  • Rocca L, Chiabai A, Chiarullo L. 2012 Cultural Heritage Management at the Local Level: A Geo-Spatial e-Participation Approach. In: Borruso G, Bertazzon S, Favretto A, Murgante B, Torre CM Eds. In: Geographic Information Analysis for Sustainable Development and Economic Planning. IGI Global. 245-262. ISBN 9781466619258.
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  • 2011
  • A. Markandya and R.A. Ortiz. 2011 General Introduction to Valuation of Human Health Risks. In: L. Nriagu. In: Encyclopedia of Environmental Health. 1st ed. London. Elsevier. 871-878. ISBN 978-0-444-52272-6.
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  • Abadie, Luis M. 2011 The multidimensional Brownian Motion: Numerical valuation of american and bermudan options. In: Nova Science Publishers. In: Brownian Motion: Theory, Modelling and Applications. 1st ed. New York. Nova Science Publishers. ISBN 978-1-61209-537-0.
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  • Heres, D.R. and Lin, C. 2011 California’s Energy-related Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Policies. In: Markandya.A,Galarraga,I and Gonzalez-Eguino,M. In: Handbook of Sustanaible Energy. Cheltenham,UK. Edward Elgar. 555-572. ISBN 978-1849801157.

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