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  • 2011
  • Pittel, Karen and Dirk Rübbelke. 2011 Energy Supply and the Sustainability of Endogenous Growth. In: Galarraga, Ibon; Mikel González-Eguino and Anil Markandya. In: Handbook of Sustainable Energy. Cheltenham; Northampton. Edward Elgar. 161-180. ISBN 9781849801157.
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  • 2010
  • A. Markandya and J. Mysiak. 2010 The Economic Costs of Droughts. In: A. López-Francos. In: Economics of drought and drought preparedness in a climate change context. CIHEAM, Zaragoza. CIHEAM / FAO / ICARDA / GDAR / CEIGRAM / MARM Options Méditerranéennes : Série A. Séminaires Méditerranéens; n. 95. 131-138. ISBN 2-85352-441-8.
  • A.Markandya. 2010 Involving Developing Countries in Global Climate Policies. In: Emilio Cerdá and Xavier Labandeira. In: Climate Change Policies: Global Challenges and Future Prospects . 0 Edward Elgar Publishing. 187-199. ISBN 978-1-84980-828-6.
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  • Gallastegui, M.C. and Galarraga, I. 2010 Climate Change and Knowledge Communities. In: J. Echeverria, P. Oiarzabal and A. Alonso. In: Knowledge Communities. Reno, Nev. Center for Basque Studies, University of Nevada, Reno. ISBN 9781877802973.
  • Gallastegui, M.C. and Galarraga, I. 2010 La Union Europea frente al cambio climático: el paquete de medidas sobre cambio climático y energía (20-20-20). In: Editorial Aranzadi. In: Tratado de Energías Renovables. Madrid. Iberdrola-Thompson -Aranzadi. ISBN 978-84-9903-484-3.
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  • 2009
  • A.Markandya. 2009 19-20 November 2007 Conference Proceedings, European Commission, Luxemburg. In: 0 In: Beyond GDP: Measuring Progress, True Wealth and the Wellbeing of Nations. 0 Publications of the European Communities, 2009. 0 ISBN 978-92-79-09531-3.
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  • Martín-Ortega, J. and Others. 2009 El análisis coste-eficacia en los Programas de Medidas de la DMA. In: Gómez-Limón, J.A., Calatrava, J., Garrido, A., and Xabadia, A. In: La economía del agua de riego en España. El Ejido, Almería. Cajamar Caja Rural, Sociedad Cooperativa de Crédito. 55-74. ISBN 978-84-95531-45-2.
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