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  • 2010
  • Moran D., Topp K., Wall E., Wreford A., Chadwick D., Hall C., Hutchins M., Mitchell M., del Prado A., Tolkamp B. and Lianhai W. 2010. Climate Change impacts on the livestock sector.
  • 2009
  • A.Markandya and Suzette Pedroso-Galinato. 2009. Economic Modeling Of Income, Different Types Of Capital And Natural Disasters . Policy Paper 4875. 33.
  • Chiabai A, Travisi C, Ding H, Markanya A, Nunes PALD. 2009. Economic Valuation of Forest Ecosystem Services: Methodology and Values. 12,09. 31.
  • Elena Ojea, Paulo A.L.D. Nunes and Maria L. Loureiro. 2009. Mapping of Forest Biodiversity Values: A Plural Perspective. [04-2009]. 31.
  • Ortiz, R.A., A. Bastianin; A. Bigano; C. Cattaneo; A. Lanza, A. Markandya; M. Manera; M. Plotegher and F. Sfera. 2009. Energy Efficiency in Europe: trends, convergence and policy effectiveness. 15763. 1-34.

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