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Itxaso Ruiz

Itxaso Ruiz

  • Position:
    Junior researcher - PhD Student
  • Main Research Field:
    Public opinion; land use change and regional climate; sustainable land management; paleoclimate
  • Contact information:
    Email address: itxaso.ruiz@bc3research.org
    Contact phone: 94.401.46.90 Ext. 135
  • Research ID (WOK): Itxaso Ruiz RID

Short CV

Itxaso Ruiz graduated with a degree in Geological Sciences at the University of Barcelona (Spain) and studied a Master of Science in Marine Geosciences at the University of Bremen (Germany). She developed both her bachelor and master thesis in the field of Paleoclimate. During those years she got involved in several research projects as a junior collaborator at the University of Barcelona, the research centers of MARUM- Zentrum für Marine Umweltwissenschaften and AWI- Alfred Wegener Institut für Polar und Meeresforschung (Germany) and the University of São Paulo (Brazil).

Following, she moved from developing paleoclimatic reconstructions to study the present-day context of climate change.

Currently, she is developing a PhD in the “Quaternary: Environmental Change and Human Ecological Footprint” programme from the University of the Basque Country. For this, she explores the synergies that arise among the potential of sustainable land management practices, the interactions of land use change - the regional climate, and the community drivers of climate change perception. The aim of this assessment is to inform policy-makers about key actions to better address desertification, land degradation, climate change adaptation and mitigation in the Mediterranean basin. Likewise, she has had the opportunity to collaborate in both national and international projects of the UNCCD, FAO and IHOBE organizations.

Journal Articles

  • 2018
  • Ruiz, I. and Pena, L. 2018. Neodymium and Strontium isotopes as source indicators for terrigenous sediments deposited in NE Brazil. Boletín Geológico y Minero. 129. (4) 633-646. DOI (10.21701/bolgeomin.129.4.003).

Books and Specials

BC3 Working Papers & Policy Briefings

Conference Proceedings

  • 2018
  • Holocene land use change - climate variability interaction in the Mediterranean basin, presented at the Summer school: Climate risk and the future of international climate policy, organized by UPV/EHU and BC3, Bilbao, Spain, Jul, 2018
  • Environmental change and human ecological footprint, presented at the EastGRIP meeting, organized by NIPR - National Institute of Polar Research, Tachikawa, Japan, Mar, 2018
  • 2017
  • Achieving mitigation and adaptation to climate change through sustainable land management practices, presented at the Doctoriales transfronterizos UPPA-UPV/EHU, organized by UPPA and UPV/EHU, Arantzazu, Spain, Oct, 2017
  • What predicts public support for climate policy?, presented at the Climate Change in an Era of Uncertainty, organized by UPV/EHU and BC3, San Sebastián, Spain, Jul, 2017
  • What predicts public support for climate policy?, presented at the Klimagune 2017, organized by BC3, Bilbao, Spain, May, 2017
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