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Jaione Ortiz de Zarate

Jaione Ortiz de Zarate

  • Cargo:
    Research Assistant
  • Principal línea de investigación:
    Climate adaptation and mitigation plans, urban planning and health.
  • BC3 Research Line:
    4. Research Line Adaptation Lab
  • Información de contacto:
    Email: jaione.ortizdezarate@bc3research.org
    Teléfono: +34 944 014 690

Short CV

Jaione works on the field of urban planning and its link to climate adaptation and public health.

With a background on Architecture (Bsc + Msc 2016, Universitat Politecnica de Cataluinya, Barcelona - TEC de Monterrey, Mexico DF - Beijing Jiaotong Daxue, Beijing) and a specialization Urban Planning, sustainability and climate change (2019, UPC Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Barcelona), she spent more than 5 years working as an architectural and urban planner and designer in different offices in Barcelona, Mexico DF and Beijing China. She developed several smart city plans and specialized in coordinating big scale urban projects in different fields and locations.

In 2018 started her masters on Urban Planning, Sustainability and Climate Change specialization at UPC foundation, where she developed a Master Thesis in which she focused to find the link between the actual pandemic diseases, urban planning and climate change adaptation plans.

She is currently working at BC3 analyzing climate adaptation plans, and their link to urban planning policies that directly or indirectly affect on human health, equity and wellbeing. She is also involved in European projects related to the implementation of local climate adaptation policies.

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