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How does modern irrigation influence farmers’ vulnerability to external stressors? The case of Itoiz-Canal de Navarra

Keywords: Modern irrigation, Climate Change, Vulnerability stressors

Author(s): Amaia Albizua, Unai Pascual and Esteve Cobera

Date: 2017-19-12

Issue: 2017-01

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Small-scale diversified farmers are doubly vulnerable to climate variability and crop prices volatility
Small-scale diversified farmers’ adaptive capacity is much lower than the rest of farmers groups’. However, their sensitivity is lower than those intensive groups adopting modern irrigation
Intensive farmers’ adaptive capacity to climate and market increases the vulnerability of small-scale diversified farmers since their access to irrigation water and communal land gets worse.
Strengths and limitations of using a Vulnerability Index for vulnerability assessment
a. Powerful because connect science with policy
b. Empirical data value
c. Limited framing of financial assets
d. No consideration of uncertainty about government‘s maintenance of subsidies and water low quotas; no inclusion of trades

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