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Seminario / Mintegia
“Planning for Adaptation to Climate Change in India: Methodology and Some Results"

Nos complace invitarle al Seminario ofrecido por Investigadores de BC3 y del Centro Indio TERI que se celebrará el jueves 30 de abril, a las 12:00 de la mañana en el Salón de Grados del Edificio Zubiria Etxea de la UPV en Sarriko. (Lehendakari Aguirre, 83)

Atseginez gonbidatzen zaitugu apirilaren 30ean, osteguna, goizeko 12:00etan EHUko Sarrikon dagoen Zubiria Etxeko areto nagusian BC3 eta Indiako TERI zentruen ikerlariek emango duten mintegira. (Lehendakari Aguirre, 83)


“Planning for Adaptation to Climate Change in India: Methodology and Some Results"

The impacts of climate change are already being felt in the Indian Sub-continent and in many areas they are expected to get worse. It is crucial therefore to evaluate different adaptation options and to select those that can be justified in economic and social terms. This seminar will present a methodology for evaluating adaptation options in the areas of health, water (including flooding), agriculture and biodiversity. The aim is to estimate the costs of the programs needed, so that resources can be allocated in the short to medium term. The methodology side will be presented by BC3 researchers and the empirical side by researchers from The Energy Research Institute (TERI), a leading research centre in India.


- Aline Chiabai
- Elena Ojea
- Julia Martín-Ortega

- Arabinda Mishra
- Suruchi Bhadwal
- Ranjan Ghosh

* El seminario se realizará en inglés. / Mintegia ingelesez burutuko da.


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