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Bosco Lliso


Bosco Lliso In order to successfully combat climate change we must learn to effectively use every tool at our disposal. It is therefore imperative we do our utmost to best understand the environmental, social and economic implications of the instruments we employ in this endeavor, learning to balance these often competing concerns.

  • Position:
    Junior researcher
  • Main Research Field:
    The role of social equity and fairness in the design of payment for environmental services (PES) programs
  • Contact information:
    Email address: bosco.lliso@bc3research.org
    Contact phone: 94 401 46 90
  • Research ID (WOK): Bosco Lliso RID
  • Download CV:  Bosco Lliso CV_English 

Short CV

- Bosco is currently using online surveys and discrete choice experiments to study the tradeoffs between environmental and social goals in PES programs in Latin America.

- He completed his MSc in Environmental Economics & Climate Change at the London School of Economics (UK) in 2015. Before that, he obtained two bachelor's degrees in Economics and Environmental Analysis & Policy from Boston University (USA).

- In his master's dissertation, he calculated the amount of CO2 abated by five Northern European countries after implementing carbon taxes in the early 1990s. The analysis was done using the synthetic control method, a novel statistical technique developed by Abadie and Gardeazabal (2003).

- He worked as a strategy consultant for Santander Bank for two years, carrying out market studies in Spain and the UK.

- Previously, he interned at DARA, an international non-profit committed to improving the quality and effectiveness of aid for vulnerable populations suffering from conflict, disasters, and climate change.

- He also interned at private equity fund Ambar Capital y Expansión, where he helped develop Vivergi, one of the world's largest social impact venture capital funds.

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