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Josu Lucas


Former BC3 researcher

Josu Lucas

Main Research Field:
Public Policies Evaluation

Was employee in BC3 from 2012-09-14 to 2015-09-11

Short CV

Josu Lucas graduated in Economics at the University of the Basque Country in 2010.
He has a master´s degree in Economics: “Economic Analysis Tools– at the University of the Basque Country in 2011.

Journal Articles

  • 2016
  • Lucas, Josu; Escapa, Marta; Galarraga, Ibon. 2016. ADAPTECC: Un juego de Rol sobre la Adaptación al Cambio Climático. E-Pública: Revista Electrónica Sobre La Enseñanza De La Economía Pública. 19.
  • Markandya, A., Galarraga, I., Abadie, L.M., Lucas, J., Spadaro, J.V. 2016. What role can taxes and subsidies play in changing diets?. FinanzArchiv. 72. (2) 175-210-210. DOI (10.1628/001522116X14581329755499).
  • 2015
  • Galarraga Gallastegui, Ibon; Delgado, Juan; Gonzalez Eguino, Mikel. 2015. IMPACTO ECONÓMICO Y AMBIENTAL DEL PLAN DE EFICIENCIA ENERGÉTICA DE LA CIUDAD DE BILBAO. Dyna Energía Y Sostenibilidad. 4 (3) 1-8. DOI (10.6036/ES7254).
  • 2014
  • Galarraga, I., Ramos, A., Lucas, J., Labandeira, X. 2014. The price of energy efficiency in the Spanish car market. Transport Policy. 36. 272-282-282. DOI (10.1016/j.tranpol.2014.09.003).
  • 2012
  • Galarraga, Ibon; Lucas, Josu; González-Eguino, Mikel. 2012. Evaluación económica del etiquetado de eficiencia energética: el caso de las lavadoras en España. Papeles De Economía Española. (134) 211-221.

Book chapters

  • 2014
  • Lucas, J. and Galarraga, I. 2014 Green Energy Labelling. In: Ansuategi, A., Delgado, J and Galarraga, I. (eds). In: Green Energy and Efficiency: An Economic Perspective. 1st ed. Switzerland. Springer International Publishing. ISBN 978-3-319-03631-1.

BC3 Working Papers & Policy Briefings

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