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BC3 Seminars: Prof. Martin Andres Medina Elizalde 21st of May

Seminar / Mintegia / Seminario

Climate change during the Collapse of the Maya Civilization: No hurricanes?...bad news!

Prof. Martin Andres Medina Elizalde
Assistant Professor Geology Department, Amherst College (USA).


In light of their power and precipitation fluxes, tropical storms and particularly hurricanes are agents of significant societal stress. Cyclone precipitation fluxes, conversely, could play a positive societal and environmental role during times and locations with a tendency towards dryness. New evidence from speleothems  suggests that shifts in the frequency and intensity of tropical storms explain precipitation variability in the Yucatan Peninsula lowlands during the disintegration and collapse of the Maya civilization.

Referenced paper:

Medina-Elizalde M. and Rohling E.J. Classic Maya civilization collapse related to modest reduction in precipitation, Science 335, 956 (2012).
Medina-Elizalde M, Burns J. S., Lea, D., Polyak V., Asmerom Y., and Vuille M., A., Lucien von Gunten, L. (2010) High resolution climate record from the Yucatán Peninsula spanning the Mayan Terminal Classic Period, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 10538.

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If you are interested in attending the Seminar, please sen us an email to events@bc3research.org 

21st May, 12:00-13:00 BC3 offices 

* The Seminar will be in English. / Mintegia ingelesez burutuko da. / El seminario se realizará en inglés.


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