BC3. Basque centre for climate change – Klima aldaketa ikergai

Klimagune Summer School Training Caravan Seminars UPV BC3

Seminario / Mintegia 6th october

Seminar / Mintegia / Seminario
Promoting Renewable Energy in the EU.

Dr. Juan Delgado (Former Chief Economist of the Spanish Competition Commission CNC)

ABSTRACT: Renewable sources of energy play a fundamental role in the EU strategy to fight climate change. Energy production and consumption account for a large part of total greenhouse gas emissions. This implies that policies to promote the use of renewable energy should be efficiently designed in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Being climate a global issue, policies should aim to be global. The European dimension offers a good opportunity for the efficient design of such policies. Policies should be coordinated across countries to make the most of the European renewable potential. The efforts can however be diluted in the absence of a European energy market. Climate policies cannot deliver if energy markets remain fragmented.





Faculty of Sarriko, 13:00 Room B0.4

* The Seminar will be in English. / Mintegia ingelesez burutuko da. / El seminario se realizará en inglés.


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