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Seminario / Mintegia 5th June

Seminar / Mintegia / Seminario
Innovation and Aesthetics of On-Site Solar

Lecturer: Amelia Amon (Alt.Technica, Ltd., New York, NY, USA)


There are clear advantages to carbon-neutral energy production, particularly located close to high-energy demands, but can it also be appealing to communities and customers? Although utility-scale solar and wind farms provide economies of scale, new models of distributed energy sources within our cities and suburbs can be remarkably effective. Innovations in on-site solar include free-standing LED lighting, parking lot shade structures that irrigate landscaping with captured storm-water, and solar electric charging of plug-in hybrid cars. Multiple functions are served, while shaving peak utility loads and avoiding distribution losses. Innovative new technologies allow for a wide range of design options with flexible amorphous photovoltaics, nano-tech films, and high-efficiency polycrystalline modules. The developed countries of Europe, Asia, and the Americas have enough paved area to provide a significant percentage of our electricity with on-site solar. Producing power within existing infrastructure preserves our scenic landscapes and irreplaceably beautiful wild nature.

Profile Amelia Amon
Amelia Amon is a solar designer with an aesthetic approach to integrating sustainable energy into our built environment. Her company, Alt.Technica, designs and develops solar products and installations, including interpretive exhibits for science & environmental centers, a fountain for the Smithsonian National Design Museum, solar freezer carts for Ben & Jerry's, dark-sky compliant solar LED lights, and system components for the NY State Energy Research & Development Authority. Currently a Design Fellow at NYU, she has served on the boards of o2 EcoDesign Network, Northeast Sustainable Energy Assoc., NY Solar Industries Assoc., as NY Chair of the Industrial Designer's Society and explored energy resources for rural women in India with the Institute for Policy Studies.




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5th June, 12:00, UPV (Faculty of Sarriko),Room: Salón de Grados Zubiria Etxea

* The Seminar will be in English. / Mintegia ingelesez burutuko da. / El seminario se realizará en inglés.


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