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Hosting and Courses

Hosting institution and supervision of students

BC3 is an active host institution for researchers at early stage of their scientific career. BC3 provides supervision of Bachelor, Master’s and PhD students.

Related programmes:

  • Internship Program
  • Agreements with Universities for joint supervision of Bachelor, Master’s and PhD Students
  • BC3 Phd Students will have access to the following programmes:
    • Personalized training and career development plan
    • Integration within strategic research lines and groups
    • Access to international research organizations through BC3’s network
    • International stays at foreign research centres
    • Access to a Mentoring programme
    • Access to the supervision guidelines of the centre

Participation in Graduate, Post graduate and advanced courses

Among our training activity drivers, BC3 also participates in graduate, post-graduate and advanced courses of different national and International universities or institutions during the year.


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