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[2014-02] The adoption of ecosystem-based adaptation in the international climate agenda
Elena Ojea

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[2014-01] Discounting the value of natural resources in costbenefit analysis: a case study for policy making
Aline Chiabai and Ibon Galarraga

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[PB 2013/ Special Issue-02] Breaking the 400 ppm barrier: Physical and Social implications of the recent CO2 rise
Sérgio H. Faria, Joseph V. Spadaro and Anil Markandya

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[PB 2013/ Special Issue-01] Warsaw Conference: “Small steps forward while awaiting major decisions at the 2015 Paris Conference”
Galarraga.I and Román. M.V

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[2013-06] Effects of international trade of food and feed and human diet shifts on food security and environmental safety: integrating scales
Luis Lassaletta and Agustín del Prado

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[2013-05] Alternative trajectories for decarbonizing urban transportation
Joseph V. Spadaro, Sérgio H. Faria, Anil Markandya

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[2013-04] The basque ecological debt: global socioecological impacts of a small open economy
Eneko Garmendia, Leire Urkidi, Iñaki Arto

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[2013-03] Evaluation of two alternative carbon capture and storage technologies
Luis M. Abadie, Ibon Galarraga and Josu Lucas

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[2013-02] Flood risk management: What are the main drivers of prevention?
Sébastien Foudi

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[2013-01] The long road of climate negotiations: From Kyoto to Paris stopping over in Doha
Unai Pascual and Anil Markandya

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[2012-03] Environmental fiscal reform and unemployment in Spain in the presence of an informal sector
Anil Markandya, Mikel González-Eguino and Marta Escapa

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[2012-02] The Role of the Demand for Environmental Quality in Driving Transitions to Low-Polluting Energy Sources
Roger Fouquet

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[2012-01] Low Climate Stabilisation under Diverse Growth and Convergence Scenarios
Anil Markandya, Mikel González-Eguino, Patrick Criqui and Silvana Mima

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[2011-07] Long Run Trends in the Price of Energy and Energy Services
Roger Fouquet

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[2011-06] Cost effectiveness of a combination of instruments for global warming: a quantitative approach for Spain
Gallastegui, M.C., González-Eguino, M. and Galarraga, I.

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[2011-05] Evaluating the role of energy efficiency labels in the prices of household appliances: the case of refrigerators
Ibon Galarraga, David R. Heres and Mikel González-Eguino

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[2011-04] Lessons from History for Transitions to a Low Carbon Economy
Roger Fouquet

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[2011-03] Economic Valuation of Ecosystem Services: Conflicts in Classification
Elena Ojea, Julia Martin-Ortega and Aline Chiabai

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[2011-02] The Cancun Climate Summit: a Moderate Success
Ibon Galarraga, Mikel González-Eguino and Anil Markandya

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[2011-01] Competing Ecosystem services: an Assessment of Carbon and Timber in the Tropical forests of Central America
Kaysara Khatun

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