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COP23: Technical profile with relevant political support

Keywords: COP23, Bonn, Climate Policy

Author(s): Elisa Sainz de Murieta, Ibon Galarraga and Maria Jose Sanz

Date: 2017-27-12

Issue: PB 2017-02_Special Issue

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-Considerable progress was needed at COP23 with regards to the Paris Agreement Rulebook, which must define the rules and modalities for the implementation of the PA and should enter into force in 2018.
-However, progress with this regard was limited, except for the Talanoa dialogue, a facilitative dialogue framework to be launched in 2018 which aims at accelerating action under the Paris Agreement.
-The need for more ambitious actions before 2020 and the relevance of the stock-taking process in 2018 were recognised during COP23.
-The Subsidiary Bodies made some progress on issues such as the climate Gender Action Plan or the Platform for Local Communities and Indigenous Peoples.
-A breakthrough was achieved with regards to agriculture as, for the first time, Parties have agreed to address central climate challenges related to this sector, mainly adaptation, emission reduction and food security issues.
-In parallel to the official agenda, strong political support to the PA was shown by non-state actors -cities, regions, businesses and NGOs-, who are taking important commitments and are gaining relevance within the climate negotiation process.
-The alternative US delegation, gathered under the motto “We are still in”, gained a lot of public attention and showed their commitment with climate action.

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