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Land use mitigation: Can it realistically contribute to fill the gap to achieve the 1.5 and 2 ºc goals?

Keywords: BC3, AFOLU, IPCC, mitigation, stakeholder

Author(s): María J. Sanz

Date: 2018-21-09

Issue: PB 2018 – 02

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• The agriculture and land sectors (AFOLU) contribute approximately 24% of total GHG emissions, with approximately 50% from land use and 50% from agriculture.
• IPCC scenarios for staying below 2°C include large scale removals of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere starting sometime already in the 2020’s and increasing in scale over the remainder of the 21st century.
• Whether or not the present sink will persist in the future and how the foreseen technical potential could be materialized are the largest uncertainties in future carbon cycle.
• Implications of the implementation of large scale natural solutions, especially of large removals, demand further assessment and consideration so that policy instruments for them could eventually be designed appropriately.
• The success of land use mitigation options depends on how the barriers for implementation are addressed and engagement from stakeholder is fundamental.

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