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Coastal climate change adaptation in Dakar: participatory approaches for determining decision-making behaviour, risk and adaptation preferences

Keywords: climate change adaptation; coastal flooding and erosion; Dakar; multicriteria assessment; risk acceptability.

Author(s): Ambika Markanday, Elisa Sainz de Murieta, Íñigo Aniel-Quiroga, Andrea Briones, Íñigo Losada, Alexandra Toimil and Saúl Torres

Date: 2021-21-07

Issue: PB 2021-03

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•The report collects information on stakeholder perceptions, attitudes, and preferences related to climate change risks and adaptation in Dakar
• Stakeholders perceive climate change impacts as being temporally close (already happening) but psychologically distant in nature (will have a bigger impact on those further away)
• When assessing risk acceptability according to various economic, health, social and environmental criteria, stakeholders rated a 1 in 25-year extreme coastal event as being generally unacceptable for Dakar
• Nature-based solutions and political measures were ranked as the most attractive adaptation solutions for Dakar
• Administrative and political effort, as well as financial constraints, were perceived as being the most critical barriers to adaptation implementation in Dakar
• This report is also available in French, in the following link

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