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  • 2017
  • Federici, S., Grassi, G., Harris, N., Lee, D., Neeff, T., Penman, J., Sanz, M.J., and Wolosin, M. 2017. GHG Fluxes from Forests: An assessment of national GHG estimates and independent research in the context of the Paris Agreement.
  • A.Markandya. 2017. State of Knowledge on Climate Change, Water and Economics. Water Global Practice Discussion Paper,World Bank. 1. 33. DOI (https://openknowledge.worldbank.org/handle/10986/26491).
  • Antxon Olabe, Mikel González-Eguino, Teresa Ribera. 2017. Hacia un nuevo orden de la energía.
  • Jon Sampedro, Cristina Pizarro, Mikel Gonzalez-Eguino e Iñaki Arto. 2017. Health co-benefits associated with different transition pathways.
  • Lee, D. & Sanz, M.J. 2017. UNFCCC Accounting for Forests: What’s in and what’s out of NDCs and REDD+.
  • Markandya, A. 2017. Improving Irrigation Water Use Efficiency Holds the Key to Tackling Water Scarcity in South Asia: Technical, Potential and Financing Options. 39. 11.
  • Sanz Sanchez, M.J. et all. 2017. Good Practice Guidance,SDG Indicator 15.3.1,Proportion of land that is degraded over total land area. Edited from a report prepared by Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) for the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD).
  • 2016
  • Anil Markandya, Deger Saygin, Asami Miketa, Dolf Gielen and Nicholas Wagner. 2016. The True Cost of Fossil Fuels: Saving On the Externalities of Air Pollution and Climate Change.
  • Federici, S., Grassi, G., Harris, N., Lee, D., Neeff, T., Penman, J., Sanz , M.J. and Wollosin, M. 2016. GHG fluxes from forests: An assessment of national reporting and independent science in the context of the Paris Agreement. GFOI (Climate and Land Use Alliance).
  • Markandya, A. 2016. Cost benefit analysis and the environment: How to best cover impacts on biodiversity and ecosystem services. OECD, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. 101. 41. DOI (10.1787/5jm2f6w8b25l-en).
  • Sanz, M.J. et all. 2016. Integration of remote-sensing and ground-based observations for estimation of emissions and removals of greenhouse gases in forests: Methods and Guidance from the Global Forest Observations Initiative.
  • Sophie Aubin, Elizabeth Arnaud, Thomas Baker, Patricia Bertin, Christopher Brewster,Caterina Caracciolo, Fabrizio Celli,Michael Devlin,Christine Geith, Odile Hologne, Ilkay Holt, Johannes Keizer, Devika Madalli, Nikos Manouselis,Laura Meggiolaro, Graham Mullier, Valeria Pesce, Rob Lokers, Martin Parr, Philip Roberts, Armando Stellato, Giannis Stoitsis, Imma Subirats,Ferdinando Villa. 2016. The Chania Declaration. _.
  • 2015
  • Arto, I. 2015. La economía española y su responsabilidad en el cambio climático. 21-33.
  • Markandya, A. 2015. Making the Money Count: Financing Climate Change and Sustainable Development. Lead Author Anil Markandya With significant contributions by : Joanne Manda, Sujala Pant, Thomas Beloe .
  • Markandya, A. 2015. National Climate Change and Low Carbon Green Growth Strategy for Romania 2016-2030. World Bank.
  • Markandya, A. 2015. Rapport sur l'analyse socio-économique des impacts de la variabilité et du changement climatique dans les zones côtières tunisiennes. Centre d´activités régionales Programme dáctions prioritaires (CAR/PAP).
  • Markandya, A. 2015. The impact of climate change on the achievement of the post-2015 sustainable development goals. Global CDKN.
  • Markandya, A. 2015. “Cost-Benefit Analysis and the Environment: How to Best Cover Impacts on Biodiversity and the Environment”. Report to OECD Working Party on Integrating Environmental and Economic Policies. OECD.
  • Moreno Mateos D. 2015. Límites de la restauración de humedales. 467. 50-57.
  • Palomo, I. 2015. CAMBIO CLIMÁTICO ¿En qué nos afecta a escaladores y alpinistas?. 347. 80-82.
  • Tello, E., Galán, E., Cunfer, G., Guzmán-Casado, G.I., de Molina, M.G., Krausmann, F., Gingrich, S., Sacristán, V., Marco, I., Padró, R., Moreno, D. 2015. A proposal for a workable analysis of Energy Return On Investment (EROI) in agroecosystems. Part I: Analytical approach. Social Ecology Working Paper 156. Social Ecology Working Paper 156. 110.
  • 2014
  • Holland, M., Spadaro,J.V., Misra,A. and Pearson, B. . 2014. Costs of Air Pollution from European Industrial Facilities 2008-2012 (an updated assessment).
  • Markandya, A., Labandeira,X. and Ramos, A. 2014. Policy Instruments to Foster Energy Efficiency. Economics for Energy Working Papers. WP 01/2014. 1-23.
  • Midler, E., Pascual, U., Simonit, S. 2014. (Forthcoming). Forest ecosystems in national economies and contribution of REDD+ in a green economy transformation: the case of Panama.
  • Palomo, I. 2014. Protección de la Montaña y la Carta Española de las Montañas. 548. 100-101.

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