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Maria Almagro


Former BC3 researcher . Current BC3 Associate Researcher

Maria Almagro

Main Research Field:
Sustainable Land Management; Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

Was employee in BC3 from 2017-05-01 to 2019-04-30

Short CV

María Almagro is a post-doctoral research fellow at the Basque Centre for Climate Change (BC3). She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Sciences (University of Granada, 2003) and a PhD in Soil Conservation and Sustainable Management (University of Murcia, 2011).

She has worked on several projects at the Soil and Water Conservation Research Group from the Spanish Research Council (CEBAS-CSIC), at the National Museum of Natural History (MNCN-CSIC), at the Department of Sustainable Crop Production from the University of the Sacred Heart (Italy), at the Department of Environmental and Land Management from the University of Aveiro (Portugal), and at the Departments of Plant Physiology and Agricultural Ecology from the University of Bayreuth (Germany).

Her research focuses on sustainable land management practices and related ecosystem services (e.g. crop production, soil erosion control, soil fertility and water availability enhancement, and climate change mitigation and adaptation). She combines field measurements and modelling to investigate the impacts of changes in climate, land use and land management on soil carbon sequestration. Her main research interests are related to: (1) the adoption of integrated and sustainable farming systems for environmental and socio-economic sustainable development; (2) the prediction and understanding of the major drivers of soil respiration in drylands at both temporal and spatial scales; (3) understanding the response of plant litter decomposition to climate change and photodegradation in drylands based on field measurements and modelling; and (4) understanding the role of soil erosion in the carbon cycle from hillslopes to the catchment scale.

She’s actively involved in promoting the adoption of integrated and sustainable farming systems through demonstration of its agro-environmental and socio-economic benefits by using a combination of tailored trainings, stakeholder engagement, participatory monitoring and dissemination of information on their multiple benefits for the environment, farm profits and society in general.

Journal Articles

  • 2021
  • Almagro, M., Ruiz-Navarro, A., Díaz-Pereira, E., Albaladejo, J., Martínez-Mena, M. 2021. Plant residue chemical quality modulates the soil microbial response related to decomposition and soil organic carbon and nitrogen stabilization in a rainfed Mediterranean agroecosystem. Soil Biology and Biochemistry. 156. DOI (10.1016/j.soilbio.2021.108198).
  • Jebari, A., Alvaro-Fuentes, J., Pardo, G., Almagro, M., Del Prado, A. 2021. Estimating soil organic carbon changes in managed temperate moist grasslands with RothC. PLoS ONE. 16. (8 August) DOI (10.1371/journal.pone.0256219).
  • 2020
  • Costantini, E.A.C., Antichi, D., Almagro, M., Hedlund, K., Sarno, G., Virto, I. 2020. Local adaptation strategies to increase or maintain soil organic carbon content under arable farming in Europe: Inspirational ideas for setting operational groups within the European innovation partnership. Journal of Rural Studies. 79. 102-115-115. DOI (10.1016/j.jrurstud.2020.08.005).
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  • Martínez-Mena, M., Carrillo-López, E., Boix-Fayos, C., Almagro, M., García Franco, N., Díaz-Pereira, E., Montoya, I., de Vente, J. 2020. Long-term effectiveness of sustainable land management practices to control runoff, soil erosion, and nutrient loss and the role of rainfall intensity in Mediterranean rainfed agroecosystems. Catena. 187. DOI (10.1016/j.catena.2019.104352).
  • Ros, M., Almagro, M., Fernández, J.A., Egea-Gilabert, C., Faz, Á., Pascual, J.A. 2020. Approaches for the discrimination of suppressive soils for Pythium irregulare disease. Applied Soil Ecology. 147. DOI (10.1016/j.apsoil.2019.103439).
  • Ruiz, I., Almagro, M., García de Jalón, S., Solà, M.d.M., Sanz, M.J. 2020. Assessment of sustainable land management practices in Mediterranean rural regions. Journal of Environmental Management. 276. DOI (10.1016/j.jenvman.2020.111293).
  • 2019
  • Arce, M.I., Mendoza-Lera, C., Almagro, M., Catalán, N., Romaní, A.M., Martí, E., Gómez, R., Bernal, S., Foulquier, A., Mutz, M., Marcé, R., Zoppini, A., Gionchetta, G., Weigelhofer, G., del Campo, R., Robinson, C.T., Gilmer, A., Rulik, M., Obrador, B., Shumilova, O., Zlatanović, S., Arnon, S., Baldrian, P., Singer, G., Datry, T., Skoulikidis, N., Tietjen, B., von Schiller, D. 2019. A conceptual framework for understanding the biogeochemistry of dry riverbeds through the lens of soil science. Earth-Science Reviews. 188. 441-453-453. DOI (10.1016/j.earscirev.2018.12.001).
  • Halifa-Marín, A., Pérez-Cutillas, P., Almagro, M., Boix-Fayos, C. 2019. Anthropic pressure on drainage basins in fragile ecosystems: Variations in the organic carbon stock associated to fluvial morphological changes. Geographical Research Letters. 45. (1) 245-269-269. DOI (10.18172/cig.3690).
  • Halifa-Marín, A., Pérez-Cutillas, P., Almagro, M., Martínez-Mena, M., Boix-Fayos, C. 2019. Fluvial geomorphological dynamics and land use changes: impact on the organic carbon stocks of soil and sediment. Bosque. 40. (1) 3-16-16. DOI (10.4067/S0717-92002019000100003).
  • Martínez-López, J., Teixeira, H., Morgado, M., Almagro, M., Sousa, A.I., Villa, F., Balbi, S., Genua-Olmedo, A., Nogueira, A.J.A., Lillebø, A.I. 2019. Participatory coastal management through elicitation of ecosystem service preferences and modelling driven by “coastal squeeze”. Science of the Total Environment. 652. 1113-1128-1128. DOI (10.1016/j.scitotenv.2018.10.309).
  • Martínez-Mena, M., Almagro, M., García-Franco, N., De Vente, J., García, E., Boix Fayos, C. 2019. Fluvial sedimentary deposits as carbon sinks: Organic carbon pools and stabilization mechanisms across a Mediterranean catchment. Biogeosciences. 16. (5) 1035-1051-1051. DOI (10.5194/bg-16-1035-2019).
  • Prieto, I., Almagro, M., Bastida, F., Querejeta, J.I. 2019. Altered leaf litter quality exacerbates the negative impact of climate change on decomposition. Journal of Ecology. 107. (5) 2364-2382-2382. DOI (10.1111/1365-2745.13168).
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