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[2014-03] How are Italian and Spanish cities tackling climate change? A local comparative study
Marta Olazabal, Sonia De Gregorio Hurtado, Eduardo Olazabal, Filomena Pietrapertosa, Monica Salvia, Davide Geneletti, Valentina D’Alonzo, Efrén Feliú, Senatro Di Leo and Diana Reckien

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[2014-02] Implications of governance structures on urban climate action: evidence from Italy and Spain
Sonia De Gregorio Hurtado, Marta Olazabal, Monica Salvia, Filomena Pietrapertosa, Eduardo Olazabal, Davide Geneletti, Valentina D’Alonzo, Efrén Feliú, Senatro Di Leo and Diana Reckien

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[2014-01] Local air pollution and global climate change taxes: a distributional analysis
Xaquín Garcia-Muros, Mercedes Burguillo, Mikel Gonzalez-Eguino and Desiderio Romero-Jordán

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[2013-14] Decarbonising urban transportation
Joseph V. Spadaro, Sérgio H. Faria and Anil Markandya

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[2013-13] Time and tide wait for no man: pioneers and laggards in the deployment of CCS
Dirk Rübbelke and Stefan Vögele

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[2013-12] The economics of hydro-meteorological disasters: approaching the estimation of the total costs
Stefano Balbi, Carlo Giupponi, Roland Olschewski and Vahid Mojtahed

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[2013-11] Identifying social determinants of urban low carbon transitions: the case of energy transition in Bilbao, Basque Country
Marta Olazabal and Unai Pascual

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[2013-10] Climate change impacts on the water services in Costa Rica: a production function for the hydroenergy sector
Elisa Sainz de Murieta and Aline Chiabai

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[2013-09] The Green Paradox and Learning-by-doing in the Renewable Energy Sector
Daniel Nachtigall and Dirk Rübbelke

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[2013-08] Economic Evaluation of Energy Efficiency Labelling in Domestic Appliances: the Spanish Market
Ibon Galarraga and Josu Lucas

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[2013-07] Evaluation of Two Alternative Carbon Capture and Storage Technologies: A Stochastic Model
Luis M. Abadie, Ibon Galarraga and Dirk Rübbelke

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[2013-06] Regional IAM: analysis of risk-adjusted costs and benefits of climate policies
Alexander Golub, Oleg Lugovoy, Anil Markandya, Ramon Arigoni Ortiz and James Wang

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[2013-05] Economic Efficiency, Environmental Effectiveness and Political Feasibility of Energy Efficiency Rebates: The Case of the Spanish Energy Efficiency Renove Plan
Ibon Galarraga, Luis M. Abadie and Alberto Ansuategi

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[2013-04] Understanding Public Support for Externality-Correcting Taxes and Subsidies: A Lab Experiment
David Heres, Steffen Kallbekken and Ibon Galarraga

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[2013-03] Long Run Demand for Energy Services: the Role of Economic and Technological Development
Roger Fouquet

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[2013-02] Development of a new modelling framework to estimate the C footprint from Basque dairy farms
Agustin del Prado, Karlos Mas, Guillermo Pardo, Patricia Gallejones

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[2013-01] Budget-Neutral Financing to Unlock Energy Savings Potential: An Analysis of the ESCO Model in Barcelona
Samuel Bobbino, Héctor Galván and Mikel González-Eguino

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[2012-14] Payments for Water Ecosystem Services in Latin America: Evidence from Reported Experience
Julia Martin-Ortega, Elena Ojea, Camille Roux

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[2012-13] The Economic Impacts of Biodiversity Policy for Improving the Climate Regulating Services Provided by EU Natura 2000 Habitats
Helen Ding, Anil Markandya and Paulo A.L.D. Nunes

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[2012-12] Modeling the Links between Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services and Human Wellbeing in the Context of Climate Change: Results from an Econometric Analysis on the European Forest Ecosystems
Helen Ding and Paulo A.L.D. Nunes

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