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[2012-11] Valuation of wind energy projects: A real options approach
Luis M. Abadie and José M. Chamorro

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[2012-10] Towards a Participatory Integrated Assessment Approach for Planning and Managing Natura 2000 Network Sites
Iker Etxano, Eneko Garmendia, Unai Pascual, David Hoyos, María A. Díez, José A. Cadiñanos, Pedro J. Lozano

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[2012-09] Evaluating Governance and Participatory Processes in Natura 2000: Lessons Learned and Guidance for Future Prospects
María-Angeles Díez, Iker Etxano, Eneko Garmendia,

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[2012-08] Economics of Energy and Climate Change: Origins, Developments and Growth
Roger Fouquet

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[2012-07] Towards a Comprehensive Approach to Quantifying and Mapping Ecosystem Services Flows
Ferdinando Villa, Ken Bagstad, Gary Johnson, Brian Voigt

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[2012-06] Weighting social preferences in participatory multi-criteria evaluations: a case study on sustainable natural resource management
Eneko Garmendia and Gonzalo Gamboa

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[2012-05] Effects of Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage in Germany on European Electricity Exchange and Welfare
Dirk Rübbelke, Stefan Vögele

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[2012-04] Environmental Fiscal Reform and Unemployment in Spain
Anil Markandya, Mikel González-Eguino and Marta Escapa

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[2012-03] From Shadow to Green: Linking Environmental Fiscal Reforms and the Informal Economy
Mikel González-Eguino, Anil Markandya and Marta Escapa

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[2012-02] Exploitation of soil biota ecosystem services in agriculture: a bioeconomic approach.
Sébastien Foudi

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[2012-01] Trends in Income and Price Elasticities of Transport Demand (1850-2010)
Roger Fouquet

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[2011-13] Climate change, Responsibilities, and Defeatism and Complacency
Thomas Heyd

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[2011-12] The Uniform World Model: A Methodology for Predicting the Health Impacts of Air Pollution
Joseph V. Spadaro

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[2011-11] The Demand for Environmental Quality in Driving Transitions to Low Polluting Energy Sources
Roger Fouquet

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[2011-10] The Equivalency Principle for Discounting the Value of Natural Assets: An Application to an Investment Project in the Basque Coast
Aline Chiabai, Ibon Galarraga, Anil Markandya and Unai Pascual

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[2011-09] The Private Provision of International Impure Public Goods: the Case of Climate Policy
Martin Altemeyer-Bartscher, Anil Markandya and Dirk T.G. Rübbelke

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[2011-08] Low Climate Stabilisation under Diverse Growth and Convergence Scenarios
Anil Markandya, Mikel González-Eguino, Patrick Criqui and Silvana Mima

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[2011-07] Price Premium for High-Efficiency Refrigerators and Calculation of Price-Elasticities for Close-Substitutes: Combining Hedonic Pricing and Demand Systems
Ibon Galarraga, David Heres Del Valle and Mikel González-Eguino

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[2011-06] The Long Run Demand for Lighting: Elasticities and Rebound Effects in Different Phases of Economic Development
Roger Fouquet and Peter J.G Pearson

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[2011-05] Households WTP for the Reliability of Gas Supply
Wan-Jung Chou, Andrea Bigano, Alistair Hunt, Stephane La Branche, Anil Markandya, Roberta Pierfederici

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