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Analysis and Use of Information and Communication Tools in Economics of Climate Change

Keywords: Climate change, Information and Communication Technologies tools (ICT)

Author(s): Aline Chiabai

Date: 2009-13-10

Issue: 2009-03

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The use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the context of climate change is of great importance in the scientific community, but can also play an important role in the policy context. On the one hand, the results achievable for mitigation and adaptation are influencing the policy arena, and on the other hand these instruments represent an opportunity for decision-makers to apply innovative forms of public administration based on stakeholder involvement, which can reduce the existing gap between policy-makers and citizens (Oates, 2003). The paper provides an analysis of the main ICT tools and methods used in climate change economics by means of a questionnaire-based survey and focus group discussion with specific experts in this context. The issues addressed are related with the use and relevance of ICT in the different research area of climate change, the perceived usefulness of these tools, and their importance in the scientific, economic and policy contexts. The main problems and limitations of ICT are investigated, together with their potential role in future research.

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