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A new adaptive marine policy toolbox to support ecosystem-based approach to management

Keywords: Ecosystem-Based Approach, Marine Strategy Framework Directive, Adaptive management

Author(s): Maialen Garmendia, Ben Boteler, Margaretha Breil, Areti Kontogianni, Emily Koulouvaris, Ina Krüger, Julien Le Tellier, Emma Gileva, David March, Anil Markandya, Elena Ojea, Marta Pascual, Gerda Roeleveld, Paolo Ronco, Sophia Saravanou, Didier Sauzade, Ale

Date: 2014-11-12

Issue: 2014-05

  Download this Policy Briefings (680 KB.)


  • As a consequence of increasing threats to the marine ecosystems, new decision support tools are necessary to support the implementation of the Ecosystem-Based Approach (EBA) to management in order to ensure their sustainable exploitation whilst ensuring their preservation.
  • To operationalize Ecosystem-Based Approach (EBA) to management and translate scientific knowledge into decision tools, an innovative Adaptive Marine Policy Toolbox has been created. It provides policymakers with necessary framework and resources to develop adaptive policies according to the EBA.
  • The Adaptive Marine Policy Toolbox provides a one-stop single location to access all the guidelines and resources necessary to design and implement adaptive marine policies according to the Marine Strategy Framework Directive.
  • The toolbox presents a high transferability to additional regulations calling for the Ecosystem-Based Approach to management such as the Ecosystem Approach of the Mediterranean Action Plan and the Black Sea´s Strategic Action Plan.
  • The Resources existing within the toolbox are presented in a user-friendly format. The presence of assessments and models capable to cope with uncertain conditions allows for high flexibility and adaptation in management strategies when future conditions change.

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