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Adrián Vidal de Prados


Former BC3 researcher

Adrián Vidal de Prados

Main Research Field:
Mitigation in Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Uses (AFOLU), Natural Resources Management, Ecological Economics

Was employee in BC3 from 2021-11-15 to 2022-10-16

Short CV

Adrián Vidal is an interdisciplinary environmental scientist, integrating knowledge from engineering, social sciences, ecological economics and political ecology. He is interested in exploring the relationships between ecosystems and economic systems in the broadest sense, with an strong sustainability approach.

Adrián holds a Master’s degree in Forest Engineering from the Technical University on Madrid, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Climate Change from the National University of Quilmes and the National University of Jujuy, with the support of UNEP. He also studied at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala (Sweden), thanks to an Erasmus Scholarship, and carried out research for this Master's Thesis in Chile at the Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso in collaboration with the Federico Santa María Technical University, thanks to a Magalhães/SMILE Scholarship.

Prior to joining BC3, he worked as an intern at the Agriculture, Forestry and other Land Use (AFOLU) Unit of the Transparency division of UNFCCC, providing support to the intergovernmental climate change process on issues related to land-use, land-use change and forestry (LULUCF), agriculture and REDD+. He also worked in urban forestry, landscape forest restoration and environmental consultancy, and collaborated in the Global Forest Survey project of FAO.

Journal Articles

  • 2021
  • Pérez-Domínguez, I., del Prado, A., Mittenzwei, K., Hristov, J., Frank, S., Tabeau, A., Witzke, P., Havlik, P., van Meijl, H., Lynch, J., Stehfest, E., Pardo, G., Barreiro-Hurle, J., Koopman, J.F.L., Sanz-Sánchez, M.J. 2021. Short- and long-term warming effects of methane may affect the cost-effectiveness of mitigation policies and benefits of low-meat diets. Nature Food. 2 (12) 970-980. DOI (10.1038/s43016-021-00385-8).

Affiliation previous to BC3

Looper, S., Howlader, R., Vidal, A. and Peterson, T. (2019). “Space Technologies for Wildfire Monitoring by Governmental Organizations.” 70th International Astronautical Congress (IAC).

Velterop, E., Sirorattanakul, K., Novellino, A., Muhire, D., Amrutkar, R., Patial, S., Vargas-Sanabria, D., Ibitolu, H., Pyne, B., Vidal, A., Nzeussi Mbouendeu, C. and Towashiraporn, P. (2019). “Current and near-future state of space technology for disaster situations.” 70th International Astronautical Congress (IAC).
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