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Estibaliz Sanz

Estibaliz Sanz

Short CV

Graduated in Law and specialized in Urban Planning. She has a long-standing experience working in the public sector in the field of urban planning and climate change. During the last 15 years she has been involved in developing urban-adapted climate change strategies and plans. Specifically, she has led the BIO Oficina de Cambio Climático de Bilbao (Climate Office of Bilbao), a position that has allowed her to know the first-hand needs and opportunities presented by climate change in territorial and urban planning. Additionally, she has also had the opportunity to participate in different European proposals and projects, such as Horizon 2020, Urban Innovation Actions, and LIFE programs, all related to the adaptation and sustainable urban planning.
She is currently working at BC3 (Basque Centre of Climate Change) participating and/or coordinating different European projects on urban adaptation strategies to climate change. Meanwhile, she is also carrying out her PhD studies looking on how to mainstream climate change into municipal policies and urban planning. This PhD studies are under the direction of the International University of Barcelona (UIC), and co-direction of BC3.

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