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Paloma Franco

Paloma Franco

  • Position:
    Junior Researcher - PhD Student
    FPI Fellow
  • Main Research Field:
    Ecosystem-based adaptation to climate change. Nature-based solutions to recover hydrological cycle. Participatory governance and knowledge co-production. Participatory methods.
  • BC3 Research Line:
    3. Research Line Terrestrial Ecosystems
  • Contact information:
    Email address: paloma.franco@bc3research.org
    Contact phone: +34 944 014 690

Short CV

Paloma holds a MSc in Social-Ecological Resilience for Sustainable Development (Stockholm Resilience Centre) and a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Science (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid). During her master's thesis she used participatory methodology to study how the perception of the socio-physical environment influence how people experience different type of environments.

For her doctoral thesis she is working with ecosystem-based adaptation to climate change, concretely in the potential of forest cover expansion interventions for the recovery of the ecosystem services associated with water. She will develop an innovative participatory approach that allows various stakeholder groups to jointly design a reforestation program, proposed by the regional government, for the recovery of the water cycle in the Mijares basin (Spain). Participatory governance and knowledge co-production will be the axis of the process.

Paloma joined BC3 in September 2020 as a PhD candidate with a FPI Fellow.

Journal Articles

  • 2023
  • Ruiz, I., Pompeu, J., Ruano, A., Franco, P., Balbi, S., Sanz, M.J. 2023. Combined artificial intelligence, sustainable land management, and stakeholder engagement for integrated landscape management in Mediterranean watersheds. Environmental Science and Policy. 145. 217-227. DOI (10.1016/j.envsci.2023.04.011).
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