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Ángel Giménez


Antiguo investigador BC3

Ángel Giménez

Principal línea de investigación:
Ecosystem Services Modeling

Was employee in BC3 from 2019-11-01 to 2021-12-15

Short CV

I am graduated in Mathematics, doctor in Astrophysics and I hold a master's degree in Agro- and Ecosystems Engineering. I've also worked as a software developer.

As a modeler of Ecosystem Services at BC3, I am enthusiastic about using models that help us to better understand nature and, in so doing, promote its conservation.

Affiliation previous to BC3

Giménez-García, A., T. Shenar, J.M. Torrejón, L. Oskinova, S. Martínez-Núñez, W.-R. Hamann, J.J. Rodes-Roca, et al. “Measuring the Stellar Wind Parameters in IGR J17544-2619 and Vela X-1 Constrains the Accretion Physics in Supergiant Fast X-Ray Transient and Classical Supergiant X-Ray Binaries.” Astronomy and Astrophysics 591 (2016).

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Rodes-Roca, J.J., J.M. Torrejón, S. Martínez-Nuñez, A. Giménez-García, and G. Bernabéu. “Discussing the Physical Meaning of the Absorption Feature at 2.1 Kev in 4U 1538-52.” Astronomische Nachrichten 335, no. 8 (2014): 804–11.

Sander, A., T. Shenar, R. Hainich, A. Gímenez-García, H. Todt, and W.-R. Hamann. “On the Consistent Treatment of the Quasi-Hydrostatic Layers in Hot Star Atmospheres.” Astronomy and Astrophysics 577 (2015).

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