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Patricia Muñoz

Patricia Muñoz

Short CV

Patricia has a degree Physics from the University of the Basque Country. During her studies she did an internship at the IzotzaLab (BC3’s low-temperature laboratory) investigating the visual stratigraphy of Antarctic ice cores, to later focus her final degree project on their polycrystalline structure.

Currently, she works as Technical Assistant in the IzotzaLab laboratory, being a specialist in the study of ice microstructure and mechanics and their implications for the integrity of climate proxies in ice cores.

She also works as the BC3–NUT Office Coordination Assistant, supporting the coordination and establishment of academic and research collaborations, promoting Industry-Academia activities, and enhancing the liaison between BC3, Basque universities, Nagaoka University of Technology (Japan) and the industrial sector.

Journal Articles

  • 2023
  • González-Santacruz, N., Muñoz-Marzagon, P., Bartolomé, M., Moreno, A., Huidobro, J., Faria, S.H. 2023. Effects of impurities on the ice microstructure of Monte Perdido Glacier, Central Pyrenees, NE Spain. Annals of Glaciology. 64. (91) 107-120. DOI (10.1017/aog.2023.66).
  • Muniozguren-Arostegi, B., Muñoz-Marzagon, P., Faria, S.H. 2023. Development of a low-temperature immersion microscopy technique for ice research. Annals of Glaciology. 64. (91) 133-139. DOI (10.1017/aog.2023.74).
  • 2022
  • Muñoz Marzagon P., Faria S.H., Cortazar Goicoechea R., Mateos Heis M. 2022. The international collaboration between Japan and the Basque Country promoted by the GIGAKU Top Global University Project and its Techno Park Network. Transactions on GIGAKU. 9 (1) 1-12. DOI (https://doi.org/10.34468/gigaku.9.1_09011-1).
The opinions expressed at the information included in the personal web pages of the BC3 researchers, are responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the position of Basque Centre for Climate Change (BC3).

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