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Sébastien Huclin

Sébastien Huclin

  • Cargo:
    Junior Researcher - PhD Student
    FPI Fellow
  • Principal línea de investigación:
    Energy storage and renewable energies integration
  • BC3 Research Line:
    2. Research Line Low Carbon,2.1. Research Group Assessment/Methodology tools
  • Información de contacto:
    Email: sebastien.huclin@bc3research.org
    Teléfono: +34 944 014 690
  • Download CV:  CV HUCLIN_S 

Short CV

After a Master in Physics and Renewable Energies (Paris-Sud), I joined the BC3 to do a 6 month internship. Under the supervision of Dirk-Jan Van de Ven, we have elaborated a model which allows to represent the storage needs quantity in order to avoid renewable energy curtailment.
Then, I continued in the BC3 starting with a PhD formation. The research line is on electric system and hydropower modeling.

Journal Articles

  • 2020
  • Abadie L.M., Chamorro J.M., Huclin S., Ven D.-J.V.D. 2020. On flexible hydropower and security of supply: Spain beyond 2020. ENERGY. 203. DOI (10.1016/j.energy.2020.117869).
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