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International Livestock Modelling and Research Colloquium in Bilbao

The LiveM Livestock Modelling and Research Colloquium, will be hosted by the Basque Centre for Climate Change (BC3) from the 14-16th October in Bilbao .www.livem2014bilbao.com

The LiveM theme of the FACCE-JPI MACSUR Knowledge Hub brings together 30 institutes from 14 European countries with expertise in a diverse range of disciplines, from grassland and farm-scale modelling through to livestock disease and health research.

The aims of this meeting are to:

  • Build on the achievements of the theme, developing  ideas on collaborative modelling approaches that can provide relevant and valuable outcomes for policymakers and producers
  • Further develop our links with other international initiatives in livestock and grassland modelling
  • Explore the funding streams available for the further development of models (and modelling teams) with increased capacity to tackle the societal challenge of food security and sustainable agriculture under climate change
  • Define the role of LiveM within the wider livestock and grassland research community

Abstracts submission period open until July 15.

Livem website


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