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Klimagune Summer School Training Caravan Seminars UPV BC3

Seminarios y Otras actividades

Joint Seminar Programme EHU-BC3: 6th seminar 21st of June, 2012

Past climate change recorded in polar ice cores and Deep ice core drilling, polar ice-sheet flow and its implications for climate change

Lecturers: Prof. Kumiko Goto-Azuma and Prof. Nobuiko Azuma



Joint Seminar Programme EHU-BC3: 5th seminar 24th of May, 2012

Market-based valuation of transmission network expansion. A heuristic application in GB.

Lecturer: Prof. Jose Manuel Chamorro



Joint Seminar Programme EHU-BC3: 4th seminar 11th of April, 2012

Voluntary and Information Based Approaches to Environmental Management: An Impure Public Good and Club Theory Perspective.

Lecturer: Prof. Matthew Kotchen. Associate Professor of Economics (Yale University) School of Forestry & Environmental Studies



Joint Seminar Programme EHU-BC3: 3rd seminar 3rd of April, 2012

Integrating biophysical and socioeconomic issues regarding adaptation to climate change in California.

Lecturer: Prof. Louise Jackson (Univ. California, Davis)



Joint Seminar Programme EHU-BC3: 2nd seminar 23rd of March, 2012

Altering Hydrology due to a Changing Climate and the Perception of these Changes: Examples from the Mountains of Colorado and Mongolia.

Lecturer: Prof. Steven R. Fassnacht (ESS-Watershed Science, Warner College of Natural Resources, Colorado State University)



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