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Why sustainable land management? the case of the Mediterranean basin

Palabras clave: Sustainable Land Management; Climate Change; Water; Mediterranean Basin; Sustainable Development Goals.

Autor(es): Ruiz,I., Sanz, M.J.

Fecha: 2019-08-11

Número: PB 2019 – 02

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• Water availability is, and it is likely to become even more, the most limiting factor for the
provision of ecosystem services in the Mediterranean Basin.
• Mainstreaming of Sustainable Land Management (SLM) in future land policies
could enhance the resilience of territories to climate change.
• The four main barriers/opportunities for SLM implementation are: economic, educational, institutional, monitoring.
• There is a rising number of capacity-building institutional infrastructures aimed at
supporting SLM that can assist in overcoming the barriers of implementation.
• SLM can potentially contribute in a balanced manner to several SDGs, as well as to multiple regional-to-local objectives and strategies.

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