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[2017-04] Cost-effectiveness and incidence of alternative mechanisms for financing renewables
Xaquin Garcia-Muros, Christoph Böhringer and Mikel Gonzalez-Eguino

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[2017-03] Traveling for happiness, moving to adapt: An agent-based perspective on population mobility
Stefano Balbi

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[2017-02] Drivers of climate change opinion
Itxaso Ruiz, Sérgio Henrique Faria and Marc B. Neumann

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[2017-01] Towards successful adaptation: a checklist for the development of climate change adaptation plans
Marta Olazabal, Ibon Galarraga, James Ford, Alexandra Lesnikowski and Elisa Sainz de Murieta

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[2016-05] The geographic distribution of the economic impact of climate finance
María Victoria Román, Iñaki Arto and Alberto Ansuategi

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[2016-04] Beyond Ecosystem Services: A Food Security Perspective
Stefano Balbi and Ferdinando Villa

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[2016-03] The role of flexible biofuel policies in meeting biofuel mandates
Anil Markandya, Kishore Dhavala and Alessandro Palma

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[2016-02] Industrial and terrestrial carbon leakage under climate policy fragmentation
Mikel González-Eguino, Iñigo Capellán-Pérez, Iñaki Arto, Alberto Ansuategi and Anil Markandya

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[2016-01] What determines the magnitude of the economic impact of climate finance in recipient countries? A structural decomposition of value-added creation between countries.
María Victoria Román, Iñaki Arto and Alberto Ansuategi

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[2015-04] US climate policy: a critical assessment of intensity standards
Christoph Böhringer , Xaquin Garcia-Muros , Mikel Gonzalez-Eguino and Luis Rey

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[2015-03] Health impacts of atmospheric pollution in a changing climate
Leif Vogel, Joshua Vande Hey , Sérgio H. Faria , Joseph V. Spadaro

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[2015-02] The price of energy efficiency in the Spanish housing market
Amaia de Ayala, Ibon Galarraga and Joseph V. Spadaro

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[2015-01] Ecosystems and human health: towards a conceptual framework for assessing the co-benefits of climate change adaptation
Pablo Martinez-Juarez, Aline Chiabai, Sonia Quiroga Gómez and Tim Taylor

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[2014-08] La pobreza energética y sus implicaciones
Mikel González-Eguino

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[2014-07] Hunting spectro-temporal information in unevenly spaced paleoclimate time series
Josué M. Polanco-Martínez and Sérgio H. Faria

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[2014-06] The use of “Bonus-Malus” schemes for promoting energy-efficient household appliances: a case study for Spain
Ibon Galarraga and Luis M. Abadie

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[2014-05] A dynamic CGE modelling approach for analyzing trade-offs in climate change policy options: the case of Green Climate Fund
Alessandro Antimiani, Valeria Costantini, Anil Markandya, Chiara Martini, Alessandro Palma, and Maria Cristina Tommasino

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[2014-04] New climate scenario framework implementation in the GCAM integrated assessment model
Iñigo Capellán-Pérez, Mikel González-Eguino, Iñaki Arto, Alberto Ansuategi, Kishore Dhavala, Pralit Patel, Anil Markandya

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[2014-03] How are Italian and Spanish cities tackling climate change? A local comparative study
Marta Olazabal, Sonia De Gregorio Hurtado, Eduardo Olazabal, Filomena Pietrapertosa, Monica Salvia, Davide Geneletti, Valentina D’Alonzo, Efrén Feliú, Senatro Di Leo and Diana Reckien

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[2014-02] Implications of governance structures on urban climate action: evidence from Italy and Spain
Sonia De Gregorio Hurtado, Marta Olazabal, Monica Salvia, Filomena Pietrapertosa, Eduardo Olazabal, Davide Geneletti, Valentina D’Alonzo, Efrén Feliú, Senatro Di Leo and Diana Reckien

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