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Engaging the Public with Science in the Basque Country: On scientists’ experiences and perspectives

Palabras clave: Public engagement, Dialogue, Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)

Autor(es): Maria Loroño and Ibon Galarraga

Fecha: 2016-14-10

Número: 2016-06

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- Public participation in the development of science and technology is key in modern societies, and scientists’ understanding of their responsibility and agency within this practice is still underexplored.
- Face-to-face forms of science communication are the most commonly reported.
- Scientists see science communication as a social responsibility, and they feel responsible to carry it out well.
- Scientists describe successful science communication as that which, primarily, brings something positive to its audiences.
- Learning about the audience, communicating science-in-the-making, and collaborating with other disciplines (i.e. artists), are seen as the most critical factors for successful science communication.

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