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Joseph Spadaro


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Joseph Spadaro

Ikerketa-lerro nagusia:
Environmental impact assessment methodology & software development, Environmental fate analysis, Health impact assessment, Uncertainty Analysis, Energy system analysis, Carbon emissions, Transportation, Urban studies, Behavioural science

Was employee in BC3 from 2011-01-08 to 2015-05-31

Short CV

Joseph Spadaro is an Environmental Research Scientist. He holds a Ph.D. in Energy, specialty in Environmental Impact Assessment, from the École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris, France; M.S. in Mechanical Engineering (heat/mass transfer specialty) and B.S. in Physics. Presently, he is Research Professor at the Basque Centre for Climate Change in Bilbao, Spain.
He has worked both in the US, at Princeton University and for Argonne National Labs, and in Europe at the university level in France, Italy and Spain and for the International Atomic Energy Agency in Austria. He has carried out basic research on energy analysis in residential and commercial buildings, focusing on energy consumption and equipment modeling, and in the field of environmental and human health impact assessment for pollutant emissions from electricity generation, disposal (management) of waste residues and road transport. During Mr. Spadaro’s stay at the IAEA, he contributed to the Agency’s program on energy, economic and environment analysis (Programme C). For his efforts, he received the Team Award for Meritorious Performance in 2003.
Has been a longstanding member of the core team of principal investigators involved in the ExternE Project series of the European Commission, and has acted as expert consultant in various projects supported by international organizations (EEA, UNEP-SETAC Life-Cycle Initiative, UN-ECLAC, IAEA), national governments and private industry. His research has focused on analysis of air/water/soil (multimedia) pollutant transport modeling, health risk assessment and uncertainty analysis, cost-benefit analysis of private sector decisions and environmental legislation, life-cycle based economic–environmental assessment, and evaluation of co-benefits of climate change mitigation measures at the urban scale. Dr. Spadaro received the 1998 Publication Award of ISWA (Int’l Solid Waste Association) for the paper he co-authored on “Health Risks of Incinerators: A Perspective”.
He has developed RiskPoll, an integrated multimedia risk assessment computer tool that implements a set of “simplified” methodologies for quantifying and valuing impacts to public health, agricultural crops and building materials from routine exposure to emissions of classical pollutants, toxic metals and organic species. SIMPACTS, a variant of RiskPoll, is disseminated by the IAEA to its member states.
More recently, Mr. Spadaro has been involved in the PURGE and BASE Projects of the EC (7th Framework Programme), and has been involved in the area of “Modelling of Electricity Generation-related Exposures relevant to Health”, "Consumption and Behaviour of Urban Households", "Economic Costs of Health Impacts", "Transportation and Climate Change", and "Impact of Heatwaves on Human Health". At BC3, he is the Scientific Coordinator of the Klimagune Conferences, a seminar series intended to inform and educate the public on the causes of global warming, options to mitigate emissions (including behavioral changes), and adaptation strategies to increase human resilience.
Further interests: (i) long-term energy alternative planning strategies aimed at reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality, (ii) assessment of adaptation measures and policy options for addressing climate change and health vulnerability at the urban scale, (iii) role of multi-criteria analysis in reaching stakeholder consensus on environmental protection and air quality improvement, (iv) consumer behavior and green economy, and (v) carbon footprint of food production.

Journal Articles

  • 2018
  • Chiabai, A., Spadaro, J.V., Neumann, M.B. 2018. Valuing deaths or years of life lost? Economic benefits of avoided mortality from early heat warning systems. Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change. 23. (7) 1159-1176-1176. DOI (10.1007/s11027-017-9778-4).
  • 2017
  • Foudi, S., Spadaro, J.V., Chiabai, A., Polanco-Martínez, J.M., Neumann, M.B. 2017. The climatic dependencies of urban ecosystem services from green roofs: Threshold effects and non-linearity. Ecosystem Services. 24. 223-233-233. DOI (10.1016/j.ecoser.2017.03.004).
  • 2016
  • De Ayala, A., Galarraga, I., Spadaro, J.V. 2016. The price of energy efficiency in the Spanish housing market. Energy Policy. 94. 16-24-24. DOI (10.1016/j.enpol.2016.03.032).
  • Markandya, A., Galarraga, I., Abadie, L.M., Lucas, J., Spadaro, J.V. 2016. What role can taxes and subsidies play in changing diets?. FinanzArchiv. 72. (2) 175-210-210. DOI (10.1628/001522116X14581329755499).
  • Rabl, A., Spadaro, J.V. 2016. External Costs of Energy: How Much Is Clean Energy Worth?. Journal of Solar Energy Engineering, Transactions of the ASME. 138. (4) DOI (10.1115/1.4033596).
  • 2015
  • Fantke, P., Jolliet, O., Evans, J.S., Apte, J.S., Cohen, A.J., Hänninen, O.O., Hurley, F., Jantunen, M.J., Jerrett, M., Levy, J.I., Loh, M.M., Marshall, J.D., Miller, B.G., Preiss, P., Spadaro, J.V., Tainio, M., Tuomisto, J.T., Weschler, C.J., McKone, T.E. 2015. Health effects of fine particulate matter in life cycle impact assessment: findings from the Basel Guidance Workshop. International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment. 20. (2) 276-288-288. DOI (10.1007/s11367-014-0822-2).
  • Green, R., Milner, J., Dangour, A.D., Haines, A., Chalabi, Z., Markandya, A., Spadaro, J., Wilkinson, P. 2015. The potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the UK through healthy and realistic dietary change. Climatic Change. 129. (1-2) 253-265-265. DOI (10.1007/s10584-015-1329-y).
  • Milner, J., Green, R., Dangour, A.D., Haines, A., Chalabi, Z., Spadaro, J., Markandya, A., Wilkinson, P. 2015. Health effects of adopting low greenhouse gas emission diets in the UK. BMJ Open. 5 (4) e007364. DOI (10.1136/BMJOPEN-2014-007364).
  • Shrubsole, C., Das, P., Milner, J., Hamilton, I.G., Spadaro, J.V., Oikonomou, E., Davies, M., Wilkinson, P. 2015. A tale of two cities: Comparison of impacts on CO2 emissions, the indoor environment and health of home energy efficiency strategies in London and Milton Keynes. Atmospheric Environment. 120. 100-108-108. DOI (10.1016/j.atmosenv.2015.08.074).
  • 2014
  • Green, Rosemary; Milner, James; Dangour, Alan; Haines, Andy; Chalabi, Zaid; Markandya, Anil; Spadaro, Joseph; Wilkinson, Paul. 2014. Health implications of adopting nutritious, low-carbon diets in the U.K. (255.3). FASEB JOURNAL. 28. (1) 2553-2553. DOI (10.1096/fasebj.28.1_supplement.255.3).

Book chapters

  • 2014
  • Chiabai, A. and Spadaro, J.V. 2014 Climate Change Adaptation and Human Health. In: Markandya, Galarraga and Sainz de Murieta. In: Routledge Handbook of the Economics of Climate Change Adaptation. Routledge. Routledge. ISBN 978-0415633116.
  • 2011
  • Rabl, A., Spadaro, JV. and Bachmann, TM. 2011 Monetary Valuation of Trace Pollutants. In: Nriagu, Kacew, Kawamoto, Patz and Rennie. In: Encyclopedia of Environmental Health. Italy. Elsevier. 856-869. ISBN 978-0-444-52273-3.

Other Publications

  • 2019
  • COACCH (2019). The Economic Cost of Climate Change in Europe: Synthesis Report on Interim Results. Policy brief by the COACCH project. Editors: Paul Watkiss, Jenny Troeltzsch, Katriona McGlade, Michelle Watkiss. Published October, 2019. (Policy Brief).
  • 2014
  • Holland, M., Spadaro,J.V., Misra,A. and Pearson, B. 2014. Costs of Air Pollution from European Industrial Facilities 2008-2012 (an updated assessment). European Environment Agency.

BC3 Working Papers & Policy Briefings

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