BC3. Basque centre for climate change – Klima aldaketa ikergai

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Del Prado, A; Crosson, P; Olesen, JE; Rotz, CA
Whole-farm models to quantify greenhouse gas emissions and their potential use for linking climate change mitigation and adaptation in temperate grassland ruminant-based farming systems

Bateman, IJ; Harwood, AR; Mace, GM; Watson, RT; Abson, DJ; Andrews, B; Binner, A; Crowe, A; Day, BH; Dugdale, S; Fezzi, C; Foden, J; Hadley, D; Haines-Young, R; Hulme, M; Kontoleon, A; Lovett, AA; Munday, P; Pascual, U; Paterson, J; Perino, G; Sen, A; Sir
Ecosystem Services: Nature's Balance Sheet Response

van Vliet, MTH; Vogele, S; Rubbelke, D
Water constraints on European power supply under climate change: impacts on electricity prices
Environmental Research Letters

Vogele, S; Rubbelke, D
Decisions on investments in photovoltaics and carbon capture and storage: A comparison between two different greenhouse gas control strategies

Krishna, VV; Drucker, AG; Pascual, U; Raghu, PT; King, EDIO
Estimating compensation payments for on-farm conservation of agricultural biodiversity in developing countries
Ecological Economics

Zorita, I; Solaun, O; Borja, A; Franco, J; Muxika, I; Pascual, M
Spatial distribution and temporal trends of soft-bottom marine benthic alien species collected during the period 1989-2008 in the Nervion estuary (southeastern Bay of Biscay)
Journal Of Sea Research

Rubbelke, D; Vogele, S
Effects of carbon dioxide capture and storage in Germany on European electricity exchange and welfare
Energy Policy

Rincón, A., Pascual., U., Flantua, S
Examining spatially varying relationships between coca crops and associated factors in Colombia, using geographically weight regression
Applied Geography

Chiabai, A; Paskaleva, K; Lombardi, P
e-Participation Model for Sustainable Cultural Tourism Management: a Bottom-Up Approach
International Journal Of Tourism Research

Markandya, A., González-Eguino, M., Escapa
From shadow to Green: linking environmental fiscal reforms and the informal economy
Energy Economics

Narloch, U; Pascual, U; Drucker, AG
How to achieve fairness in payments for ecosystem services? Insights from agrobiodiversity conservation auctions
Land Use Policy

Schoer, K., Wood, R., Arto, I., Weinzettel, J.
Estimating Raw Material Equivalents on a macro-level: Comparison of multi-regional input output analysis and hybrid LCA-IOA
Environmental Science & Technology

Chiabai, A; Galarraga, I; Markandya, A; Pascual, U
The Equivalency Principle for Discounting the Value of Natural Assets: An Application to an Investment Project in the Basque Coast
Environmental & Resource Economics

Dijkstra, BR; Rubbelke, DTG
Group rewards and individual sanctions in environmental policy
Resource And Energy Economics

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Payments for ecosystem services and the fatal attraction of win-win solutions
Conservation Letters

Chiabai, Aline; Dirk Rübbelke and Lisa Maurer
ICT Applications in the Research into Environmental Sustainability: A User Preferences Approach
Environment, Development and Sustainability

Bendel, V; Ueltzhoffer, KJ; Freitag, J; Kipfstuhl, S; Kuhs, WF; Garbe, CS; Faria, SH
High-resolution variations in size, number and arrangement of air bubbles in the EPICA DML (Antarctica) ice core
Journal Of Glaciology

Abadie, LM; Chamorro, JM; Gonzalez-Eguino, M
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Journal Of Environmental Management

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The economics of ecosystem services: from local analysis to national policies
Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability

Athanasiadis, I.A., Villa, F.
A roadmap to domain specific programming languages for environmental modelling: Key requirements and concepts.
Proceedings of ACM SIGPLAN. Conference on Systems, Programming, Languages and Applications: Software for Humanity.

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